The Voice Behind Bigg Boss Tamil – Who is the real Bigg Boss? 

Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show – Who is the real Bigg Boss?

Since the Bigg Boss Tamil show started airing, the audience focus was only on the 15 contestants of the show. Slowly, each person watching the show had a very big doubt. Who is the person behind the furious voice of Bigg Boss. 

There are many discussions on this topic. Few said the person providing the voice is Gopi Nair’s, the voice of Vijay TV. Everyone came to believe that Gopi Nair is the real voice behind Bigg Boss Tamil. Gopi Nair received many texts and calls from his close circle asking if he is the real voice behind Bigg Boss Tamil.  Hearing the false news that is spread all over, he came up with a video in which he clarified that HE IS NOT THE VOICE BEHIND THE BIGG BOSS TAMIL to the viewers of Bigg Boss Tamil.

Here’s the video of Gopi Nair clarifying that he is not the voice of Bigg Boss


Later, few started saying a VOICE SYNTHESIZER to change the voice to a bold and lucrative note. Another set of people started saying it is RAJIV – “CEO of Put Chutney”. Many viewers firmly confirmed that it is “Kalakapovathu Yaaru, Maanaada Mayilaada” fame GOKUL NATH. But, they are not the voice providers of Bigg Boss Tamil.



But finally, the real voice of Bigg Boss is revealed by the sources of Bigg Boss Team as NAVIN HOLADRE. NAVIN HOLADRE is a famous voice-over artist. Finally, the big doubt of the viewers is cleared. Follow us for more updates on this. We will keep you posted.

Save your favorite contestant @ Bigg Boss Tamil Vote online. The popular reality show is a spin-off of Big Brother, in which participants live in a specially constructed house without television or phones and are constantly monitored through cameras and audio phones. Big Boss reality show in Vijay TV is anchored by Kamal.

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