Bigg Boss Tamil Title Winner Arav Birthday Celebration, Oviya Parties With Arav And Other Bigg Boss Housemates!


Bigg Boss Tamil title winner Arav receives Birthday wishes all over the social media.He celebrated his birthday yesterday with the Bigg Boss contestants. Arav Birthday Celebration   After Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, the contestants took time to show up at Arav’s birthday party even if they are busy with many film offers. Ganesh & Nisha At Arav Birthday Bash Raiza At Arav Birthday Party   Oviya and Arav relationship was the sensation during Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1. Oviya had to leave the show reportedly as Arav didn’t respond…

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Bigg Boss Tamil – Trending Troll Videos


Bigg Boss Tamil gained a huge response and people are very eager for the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. The best trolls video of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Finale is here. Bigg Boss Tamil – Trending Trolls

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Vaiyyapuri Celebrates his Birthday with his family and Bindu Madhavi – Bigg Boss Tamil


Tamil movies comedian and Bigg Boss Tamil fame Vaiyyapuri celebrates his birthday with his family and Bindu Madhavi. In the Bigg Boss House, Bindu Madhavi has built a good relation with Vaiyyapuri. All the bigg boss housemates seem to meet each other every now and then even. Bindu, Harish, Arav and Raiza often appear in social media posting their pics.   #vaiyapuri birthday #bindhumadhavi and others in celebration . For more updates check A post shared by Tamil Big Boss (@tamilbiggboss_) on Oct 23, 2017 at 8:05pm PDT

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Bigg Boss Tamil Oviya Press Meet In Coimbatore – Oviya CM?? #BiggBossTamil #Oviya


Bigg Boss Tamil fame actress Oviya talks about Oviya army in her latest press meet in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Oviya tells the press that Oviya Army has now become Oviya Family. Oviya fans responded to this and changed their Oviya Army to Oviya Family Army.   Bigg Boss Tamil Oviya Press Meet In Coimbatore – Oviya CM?? #oviya #oviyaarmy latest interview . CM ah enna sariya kekala.. more @ A post shared by Tamil Big Boss (@tamilbiggboss_) on Oct 20, 2017 at 10:47am PDT

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Arav & Oviya face to face, Look at Arav Smile | BiggBoss


Vijay TV gets all the Bigg Boss Tamil contestants onto one stage as a part of Bigg Boss Kondaattam show. Each contestant receives an award based on their behavior in the Bigg Boss House. Arav and Oviya give away awards to each other. Arav & Oviya face to face, Look at Arav Smile   A post shared by Tamil Big Boss (@tamilbiggboss_) on Oct 16, 2017 at 7:01pm PDT

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Arav Live Interview – Maruthuva Mutham, Kurumpadam and Oviya | Galatta’s Jolly Kalai Interview with Aarav | Bigg Boss


Arav is in lime light after the Bigg Boss Tamil show. Arav is ruling the social media after winning the Bigg Boss Tamil Title. In many interviews he attended, he answered the Maruthava Muttham question in a very happy way.  In Galatta’s interview, Arav talks about the Bigg Boss House experience. He tells how strange it was for him in the first two weeks entering the house as a commoner along with the renowned contestants. He shares the experiences with different people, the tasks and kurumpadam. He accepts being called…

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Sandy Master Dance – Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale


Sandy Master Rocking Dance Performance – Bigg Boss Tamil Show Sandy master rocks the stage of Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale with his dance performance. He dances to the songs with highlights of the Bigg Boss Tamil show and the famous one-liners from the contestants.

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Oviya Love Is All True – Arav Shares What Really Happened In Bigg Boss Tamil


The Bigg Boss Tamil Title Winner Arav Nafeez shares his experience in the Bigg Boss Tamil House. He tells what he has learnt from this show and learnt many positive things from the housemates. He says he learnt discipline from Shakthi and take it easy nature from Oviya. He accepts the fact about Maruthava Muttham. Arav Live Talk – Shares What Really Happened In Bigg Boss Tamil

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Bigg Boss Tamil Harish Kalyan Live Talk With The Audience


After Bigg Boss Tamil show, Harish Kalyan comes live to talk with the audience. Harish Kalyan tells about his upcoming films in Telugu & Tamil. Harish fans asks him many questions regarding his career and upcoming projects. When his fans ask if he is single, he denies to answer any personal questions. He answers few other questions on Oviya, Arav and Snehan.

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