Vaiyyapuri Celebrates his Birthday with his family and Bindu Madhavi – Bigg Boss Tamil


Tamil movies comedian and Bigg Boss Tamil fame Vaiyyapuri celebrates his birthday with his family and Bindu Madhavi. In the Bigg Boss House, Bindu Madhavi has built a good relation with Vaiyyapuri. All the bigg boss housemates seem to meet each other every now and then even. Bindu, Harish, Arav and Raiza often appear in social media posting their pics.   #vaiyapuri birthday #bindhumadhavi and others in celebration . For more updates check A post shared by Tamil Big Boss (@tamilbiggboss_) on Oct 23, 2017 at 8:05pm PDT

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Bigg Boss Tamil Finale – Troll Video


Bigg Boss Tamil gained a huge response and people are very eager for the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. The best trolls video of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Finale is here. Bigg Boss Finale Troll

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Kutti Oviya In Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale


In Bigg Boss Tamil grand finale, Kamal calls few children up on to the stage. Kamal plays a game with the children, who are the fans of the Bigg Boss show. He asks them to guess who said the one-liner in the Bigg Boss show given by him. A famous comedy show Kings of Comedy junior fame Miruthula Shree imitates Oviya’s KOKKU NETTA KOKKU song. She also says few other famous one-liners of Oviya like spray adichi poduven, this is my task and neenga shut up pannunga. JUNIOR KUTTI OVIYA…

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Oviya – Arav & Gayathri – Shakthi Dance For Thala’s Veeram Song!


Oviya – Arav and Gayatri – Shakthi Dance In Bigg Boss Tamil show, the housemates’ dance has always been entertaining. Oviya has gained a remarkable set of fans after her participation in the Bigg Boss Tamil. Oviya – Arav pair and Gayathri – Shakthi pair rehearses the dance and rocks the stage for Thala’s Veeram song. Thala’s Veeram Song Save your favorite contestant @ Bigg Boss Tamil Vote online. The popular reality show is a spin-off of Big Brother, in which participants live in a specially constructed house without television…

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Bigg Boss Tamil Fame Ganesh Venkatraman And Nisha Krishnan Best Wedding Moments


Ganesh Venkatraman and Nisha Wedding Photoshoot Ganesh Venkatraman is an Indian actor, who has appeared in six different Indian regional film industries. He took part as a contestant in Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil reality show hosted by Kamal Haasan. Ganesh proved himself as a very well composed and honest character in the Tamil Bigg Boss House. Ganesh Venkatraman got engaged to actress Nisha Krishnan in February 2015, and the pair married in November 2015 and they make a lovely pair together. Nisha Krishnan is an Indian film and television actress who has…

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Jimikki Kammal Bigg Boss Tamil Version!


Bigg Boss Tamil Version of Jimmiki Kammal! The Viral Jimmiki Kammal Song composed by Shaan Rahman for Mohanlal’s latest Malayalam film, “Veipadinte Pusthakam”. Once the song was uploaded on Youtube, the producers of the film announced “Jimmiki Kammal Challenge”. Numerous uploads of the performances took place as a result of the announcement. The trending Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show, the housemates actively tapped their feet for many songs. Especially, Oviya’s performance got a huge round of applause from the Bigg Boss Tamil Show viewers. Watch and enjoy the Bigg Boss…

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Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show contestants look like finally having some fun in the Bigg Boss House. After a very long and tiring week, there is a fun-filled task for the contestants. Let’s watch and have some fun too. வேடிக்கையான டாஸ்க்குடன் இன்றைய #[email protected]_India #BiggBossTamil — Vijay Television (@vijaytelevision) September 10, 2017

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Picture Of The Day – Bigg Boss Housemates With Snehan’s Father !! Bigg Boss Tamil | Vijay TV | Vivo Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Tamil show contestants have gone through many ups and downs in the 11th week. In September 8th Bigg Boss Tamil show, every housemate shed tears including the audience watching the show. The reason behind this is, Snehan is reunited with his 95-year-old father after a very long period of 18 years, his father has come all the way from Tanjore to meet his son. Snehan couldn’t control his tears after seeing his father and he expressed his gratitude to Bigg Boss saying this is an unforgettable event in…

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It is gonna get more tougher !! Bigg Boss | Tamil | 8th September 2017 – Promo 2 #VivoBiggBoss

As the days are getting closer to the final week, the tasks are getting tougher in Vijay TV’s Vivo Bigg Boss Tamil Show. It is gonna be hard on the contestants, but to reach the final list they are supposed to face all the harder parts of the show. The stronger the contestants are, the more likely to reach the final week. All the best to all the contestants !!   கடுமையான டாஸ்க்குடன் இன்றைய #VivoBiggBoss! @Vivo_India #BiggBossTamil — Vijay Television (@vijaytelevision) September 8, 2017

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Inhuman Task In Bigg Boss Tamil Show – September 7 , 2017

What happened in yesterday’s Bigg Boss Show? Was that a task ? Wasn’t it too brutal? How could the housemates treat their co-contestants so brutally. Ganesh & Harathi were physically harmed and the housemates were enjoying and laughing at their own merciless act. Bigg Boss would have given this task assuming that the housemates might not harm the participants since they live together in one house. But when that doesn’t seem to happen , Bigg Boss should have stopped the task instead of letting the housemates lose their control and…

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