Arav & Oviya face to face, Look at Arav Smile | BiggBoss


Vijay TV gets all the Bigg Boss Tamil contestants onto one stage as a part of Bigg Boss Kondaattam show. Each contestant receives an award based on their behavior in the Bigg Boss House. Arav and Oviya give away awards to each other. Arav & Oviya face to face, Look at Arav Smile   A post shared by Tamil Big Boss (@tamilbiggboss_) on Oct 16, 2017 at 7:01pm PDT

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Snehan Reveals The Issue Between Oviya And Arav – Love Or Friendship! Bigg Boss Tamil


Radio City India interviews Snehan for the first time after Bigg Boss Tamil show. When Snehan is questioned about the relation between Oviya and Arav the famous contestants of the show, he explains few situations he faced in the Bigg Boss House. He says Oviya has very nice characteristics which many people lack of and at the same time Arav never loved her. He also expresses his grief for not being able to let her stay in the Bigg Boss House and Arav should not have left her when she…

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Bigg Boss Fame Oviya In OMR Shopping Ad – Chennai


OVIYA AT OMR CHENNAI SHOPPING VIRAL AD The trending reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil fame Oviya conquered the hearts of lakhs of people. In the recent days, Oviya has become a fashion icon all over Tamil Nadu. Many ad agencies are behind Oviya to use her fame in advertising their products. Oviya has become a brand ambassador for many brands. One of the most popular and trending ad shot on OMR road, Chennai is “OMR Shopping Ad”. Oviya’s fans are super excited to see Oviya on OMR, Chennai. Many shared the…

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