Julie Latest Dance In A College – Bigg Boss Tamil


Bigg Boss Tamil Julie Dance – Part 1 Jallikattu and Bigg Boss Tamil Julie attends a college function. She dances for few peppy numbers. When Julie was about to share few words, the crowd started shouting Oviya – Oviya. A post shared by Oviya_Army_Official_BB (@biggbosstamil_unofficial) on Oct 6, 2017 at 10:17pm PDT

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Ganesh Venkatraman about Bigg Boss Controversies | Ganesh Venkatram first Interview after Bigg Boss


Bigg Boss Tamil’s gentleman Ganesh Venkataraman first interview after Bigg Boss Tamil. Ganesh says his 100 days stay in Bigg Boss House served the purpose of his participation in the show. He says even if he does 50 films, he wouldn’t have received such a love and fame among the people. Ganesh tells Kamal hosted the show not just as an entertainment, but as a social mirror. He explains the opportunities given in show to their actual character and talents. He received a very huge response from the people all…

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Latest Tweets From Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants – Bindu, Harish, Ganesh and Julie


After Bigg Boss Tamil show grand finale, all the contestants had a great party. While audience are wondering if the contestants will ever meet after the show, they are constantly in touch. Julie states that Oviya and she are very good friends outside the show and the audience never understand this fact. Ganesh spends his time happily with his wife Nisha after 100 days. Bindu replies to all her housemates’ tweets. Few tweets of Harish, Bindu, Ganesh and Julie are here. BINDU REPLY TO HARISH FIRST TWEET   BINDU WITH…

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Bigg Boss Tamil Vs Game Of Thrones


We all very well know how popular the English series Game Of Thrones is. In the recent days, Bigg Boss Tamil gained a very huge response from many parts of the world. Each contestant from the Bigg Boss show has become a celebrity. Few contestants were loved by everyone, while few were trolled for their behavior in the show. Few were hated while few were admired. There is no wonder in knowing that a total number of 76,76,53,065 votes have been polled for the grand finale of the show to…

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