Bigg Boss Tamil Title Winner Arav Birthday Celebration, Oviya Parties With Arav And Other Bigg Boss Housemates!


Bigg Boss Tamil title winner Arav receives Birthday wishes all over the social media.He celebrated his birthday yesterday with the Bigg Boss contestants. Arav Birthday Celebration   After Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, the contestants took time to show up at Arav’s birthday party even if they are busy with many film offers. Ganesh & Nisha At Arav Birthday Bash Raiza At Arav Birthday Party   Oviya and Arav relationship was the sensation during Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1. Oviya had to leave the show reportedly as Arav didn’t respond…

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10 Things To Learn From Bigg Boss Tamil


Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil show hosted by Kamal Haasan reached the audience more than expected. People started admiring the Bigg boss contestants, trolling and even treating them as their own family. While many built hatred towards few contestants, here are few things which Bigg Boss Tamil taught. 10 Things To Learn From Bigg Boss Tamil

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Bigg Boss Tamil – Trending Troll Videos


Bigg Boss Tamil gained a huge response and people are very eager for the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. The best trolls video of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Finale is here. Bigg Boss Tamil – Trending Trolls

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Don’t be the reason to make a person’s life miserable – Ganesh & Nisha about Julie #BiggBossTamil


Bigg Boss Tamil’s honest and the most patient man, Ganesh Venkatraman and his wife Nisha Ganesh talk about Julie in an interview. Ganesh says Julie was very uncomfortable in the first days of Bigg Boss Tamil show and later on she tried to fit in changing her true nature, which was a very big flaw of her’s. He says she is young and she is prone to commit mistakes and she should learn from it. He also says no one should be the reason to make somebody’s life miserable. Don’t…

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Julie Interview Troll – Bigg Boss Tamil


Bigg Boss Tamil and Jallikattu Julie have been giving many interviews after Bigg Boss Tamil. Every interview given by Julie is being trolled. People started calling her FAKE due to her behavior in the Bigg Boss Show. She says she is taking all the memes and trolls in a positive way and getting stronger. She says people started judging her just for few incidents happened in the Bigg Boss Tamil show.   “You all forgot things happened in Tamil Nadu, won’t you forget me?”, says Julie

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What is Oviya’s actual name? How she entered modeling? – Listen in Oviya’s words | Bigg Boss Tamil


Oviya’s first interview after Bigg Boss Tamil. Oviya gained a huge fan base for her straightforward nature during the Bigg Boss Tamil show. She shares her childhood incidents, how she came into modeling field, how she entered the Bigg Boss show, experiences in the Bigg Boss House. She says she likes Tamil Kuthu songs as there is a josh in those songs, also mentioned she is very proud and happy about OVIYA ARMY. She shares how her life transformed before and after Bigg Boss Tamil. “I’m Proud & Happy About…

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“Julie is worst, she backstabbed Oviya”, says Suja Varunee in an interview – Bigg Boss Tamil


Suja Varunee, wildcard entry of Bigg Boss Tamil says she hates Julie the most among the Bigg Boss 19 contestants. She also says Julie lacks common sense. Julie is worst to call Oviya a loose says Suja Varunee in an interview after Bigg Boss Tamil. Suja says “Julie is worst, she backstabbed Oviya.”

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Ganesh Venkatraman about Bigg Boss Controversies | Ganesh Venkatram first Interview after Bigg Boss


Bigg Boss Tamil’s gentleman Ganesh Venkataraman first interview after Bigg Boss Tamil. Ganesh says his 100 days stay in Bigg Boss House served the purpose of his participation in the show. He says even if he does 50 films, he wouldn’t have received such a love and fame among the people. Ganesh tells Kamal hosted the show not just as an entertainment, but as a social mirror. He explains the opportunities given in show to their actual character and talents. He received a very huge response from the people all…

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Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Grand Finale Full Episode – Arav Winning Moment Video


Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 – Grand Finale On Saturday – September 30th night, the most awaited grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil was aired on Star Vijay at 8:30PM. The grand finale starts with a rocking dance performance by choreographer Sandy. Kamal Haasan starts hosting the show thanking all the viewers. All the contestants except Namitha and Shree are in the Bigg Boss House for the grand finale. The top four final contestants feel very excited seeing the ex-contestants.   While the viewers are eager to watch Oviya meeting…

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BIGG BOSS | PROMO VIDEO 3 | September 30, 2017 | இது முடிவல்ல.. துவக்கம்! @Vivo_India #BiggBossTamil #GrandFinale #VivoBiggBoss


இது முடிவல்ல.. துவக்கம்! #BiggBossTamil #GrandFinale #VivoBiggBoss Watch Bigg Boss Promo 3 – Vijay tv shows September 30, 2017 | Vijay TV show Bigg Boss Promo September 30, 2017 100 Days, 19 Contestants, 30 Cameras in One House – The Bigg Boss House. Among the 19 contestants, the final four , the fantastics four and the fabulous four are Arav, Ganesh Venkatraman, Harish Kalyan and Snehan. The Bigg Boss Tamil show is all set to hit the stage tonight for The Grand Finale. One contestant wins the title tonight. The show…

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