Snehan First Live Video After Bigg Boss Tamil


Snehan talks to the Bigg Boss Tamil audience for the first time after the finale. Snehan thanks all Kamal’s fans, his supporters and the people who has voted for him so far. He expresses his happiness on Arav winning the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Title and also tells that Arav is nothing less than his own brother. He clarifies to the viewers that he cried in the show as he is an emotional person grown up in a village. Snehan asks his supporters not to worry because he lost…

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Bigg Boss Tamil – Day 96 – Day Before Grand Finale


In Bigg Boss Tamil show, the 96th day started with a dance but not so graceful as the housemates are very much depressed with the recent elimination of Bindu. Bigg Boss announces a daily task “Lesa Lesa – World Heart Day”. There will be balloons tied in the garden area. The housemates should write what their heart feelings on the balloon. They should stand on the red cross mark beside the balloon , watching the main door they should express their feelings and let the balloons fly. ARAV SAYS HIS…

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Snehan Saves Ganesh – Snehan’s Decision Correct?


In Bigg Boss Tamil show, in the last week eviction Snehan was given an opportunity to share the points he has earned during the game to Suja or Ganesh to save from them eviction since they got least votes compared to Bindu and Arav. While Kamal asked the other contestants whom they think will be saved by Snehan, everyone except Harish said Ganesh and Harish said Suja. Snehan deliberated all his past experiences of this 90 days with Ganesh and told Kamal that he wishes to save Ganesh, as Ganesh…

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BIGG BOSS | PROMO VIDEO | September 25, 2017 | இன்றைய #VivoBiggBoss இல்[email protected]_India #BiggBossTamil


BIGG BOSS | PROMO VIDEO | SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 | #VIVOBIGGBOSS இன்றைய #VivoBiggBoss இல்.. @VIVO_INDIA #BIGGBOSSTAMIL Final Week Of Eviction Is Here! Watch Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show – September 25, 2017, Bigg Boss Tamil Latest Promo Video 1. In Bigg Boss Tamil show, this is the last week for eviction. The participants who are saved in this week are the finalists to the Tamil Bigg Boss Season 1 Grand Finale. After winning the golden ticket to the finale, Snehan is already out of eviction process. Snehan being the…

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