Picture Of The Day – Bigg Boss Housemates With Snehan’s Father !! Bigg Boss Tamil | Vijay TV | Vivo Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Tamil show contestants have gone through many ups and downs in the 11th week.
In September 8th Bigg Boss Tamil show, every housemate shed tears including the audience watching the show.

The reason behind this is, Snehan is reunited with his 95-year-old father after a very long period of 18 years, his father has come all the way from Tanjore to meet his son. Snehan couldn’t control his tears after seeing his father and he expressed his gratitude to Bigg Boss saying this is an unforgettable event in his life and he doesn’t need anything other than this.

All the team mates introduced themselves to Snehan’s father and made a promise to him saying they will see to it that Snehan gets married to a noble girl.
Ganesh’s wife Nisha was also in the house during the freeze game.

There are many rare and unseen things like Ganesh, Shakthi & Aarav crying in the house.

“Picture Of The Day”


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