Inhuman Task In Bigg Boss Tamil Show – September 7 , 2017

What happened in yesterday’s Bigg Boss Show?
Was that a task ? Wasn’t it too brutal?
How could the housemates treat their co-contestants so brutally.
Ganesh & Harathi were physically harmed and the housemates were enjoying and laughing at their own merciless act.
Bigg Boss would have given this task assuming that the housemates might not harm the participants since they live together in one house.
But when that doesn’t seem to happen , Bigg Boss should have stopped the task instead of letting the housemates lose their control and harass the participants of the task.


Snehan threw the soap water so forcefully at Ganesh which was totally wrong.
Harathi was treated so inhuman, throwing the trash at her,Julie was pouring the dirty water, Aarav was hitting her with eggs and Suja threw dough into her mouth.
Harathi was so much suffocated.
Still, Ganesh & Harathi continued to play so that their teams don’t lose the game.
How Sadistic ? Should we encourage this kind of tasks ?
Instead of this kind of tasks which are of no use, Bigg Boss Show has to think some tasks which are innovative and help the housemates in their personal growth.



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