Funny Conversation Between Bigg Boss Housemates – Bigg Boss Tamil

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Bigg Boss Tamil – The final five contestants look very excited and energetic as the finale nears. They started discussing at what instances they remember each other after they leave the Bigg Boss House. Snehan teases Arav saying he remembers Arav when he listen to the name Oviya, followed by others saying their opinions. Oviya will be at the Bigg Boss show on the 100th day – Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale. 

The contestants faced many hardships to reach the finale. Wishing all the contestants a good luck. Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting – After this week eviction is announced, Bigg Boss Tamil voting will be not to save your favorite contestant. It’s time for you to vote for the most deserved “Bigg Boss Tamil Winner”. Vote for your favorite deserving contestant to make him/her the Bigg Boss Title Winner. Bigg Boss Tamil airs tonight on Vijay TV. 4 more days to Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale.

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