Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Episode 1 Highlights and 16 Contestants!

Natural Star Nani launches the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 reality show by performing to some of his hit tracks from MCA and Bhale Bhale Magaadivoy movies. He mentions some of the highlights from season 1 and praises Jr.NTR for filling the gap between TV and cinemas in a very positive way.

Nani kicks off Season 2 with 16 interesting housemates, all set to begin their journey in the Bigg Boss house built in Annapurna studios on 7 acres land in Hyderabad for the next 106 days.

After taking the audience on a tour of the Bigg Boss House, Nani also shows a jail which is a new concept of season 2.


Later Nani introduces the first contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2, Singer Geetha Madhuri followed by the other 15 contestants Actor Amit Tiwari, Journalist Deepthi, Actor Tanish, Human rights activist Babu Gogineni, Actor Bhanushree Mehra, Rapper Roll Rida, TV anchor Syamala, Actor Kireeti, Instagram star Deepthi Sunaina, TV actor Kaushal Manda, Actress Tejaswi Madivada, Actor and Cricketer Samrat Reddy, Common man Ganesh who is a Radio Jockey, Commoner Model Sanjana Anne and another Commoner Nutan Naidu.

Once all the contestants are sent into the Bigg Boss house, Bigg Boss welcomes them and informs about the rules and regulations. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to vote for two people whom they think are not the deserving candidates to participate in the show. While Babu Gogineni asks the contestants not to take any decision in haste, everyone nominates two contestants. Nutan Naidu and Sanjana Anne will be sent to the jail as they both get the majority of the votes.

Contestant No.1 – Singer Geetha Madhuri


Contestant No.2 – Actor Amith Tiwari


Contestant No.3 – Journalist Deepthi


Contestant No.4 – Actor Tanish


Contestant No.5 –  Human rights activist Babu Gogineni


Contestant No.6 –  Actor Bhanushree Mehra


Contestant No.7 – Rapper Roll Rida


Contestant No.8 – TV anchor Syamala


Contestant No.9 – Actor Kireeti


Contestant No.10 – Instagram star Deepthi Sunaina


Contestant No.11 – TV actor Kaushal Manda


Contestant No.12 – Actress Tejaswi Madivada


Contestant No.13 – Actor and Cricketer Samrat Reddy


Contestant No.14 – Commoner Ganesh who is a Radio Jockey


Contestant No.15 – Commoner Model Sanjana Anne


Contestant No.16 – Commoner Nutan Naidu


The contestants voting details will be updated soon in the blog.

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