The episode continues with discussing the comments made by Sanjana on Tejaswi Madivada and Babu Gogineni before she left the show. Babu Gogineni tells everyone to place the bottles near the filter so that he can fill it on time. Tejaswi suggests that everyone can take the bomb each day but Kireeti says it is necessary to follow Bigg Boss rules so they could help Babu Gogineni instead of breaking the big bomb. All the housemates feel happy for Sanjana’s elimination. Deepthi Sunaina tries to scare Amit and Kireeti in her cat getup.


Housemates start the Day 8 with a graceful dance to the song I wanna fly. Geetha and Syamala talk about Tejaswi and Tanish dominating behavior. The nominations for the elimination for the second-week starts. Since Samrat is the captain, he is safe from nominations.


Bigg Boss asks Samrat to nominate a candidate directly for elimination, he chooses Deepthi Sunaina. Dual nominations take place this week. Bigg Boss calls Tejaswi and Geetha Madhuri to confession room to nominate two candidates.


Geetha and Tejaswi, Tanish and Kaushal pairs nominate Ganesh and Nutan. Amit and Bhanu nominate Kaushal and Babu Gogineni, Nutan and Babu nominate Ganesh and Amit. Deepthi and Ganesh nominate Kaushal and Babu, Kireeti and Roll Rida nominates Geetha and Nutan. Deepthi Sunaina and Syamala nominate Kaushal and Tejaswi. The nominated contestants for the second week are Sunaina, Ganesh, Nutan, Kaushal, and Babu. Everyone starts discussing the nominations.


The post box rings and the housemates get a card which has a poem about someone who is coming into the house. A wildcard entry Nandini Rai enters the Bigg Boss house. Kaushal and Samrat give her the tour of the house. Nandini tells Sunaina that entire social media is going crazy for her.


Deepthi tells Samrat, Tanish, and Tejaswi about Kaushal’s brainwashing suggestions given to her and Syamala. Kaushal tells Nandini that he feels alive that she is in the house as he has someone to share his thoughts. Tejaswi passes the news about Kaushal’s plan to Amit. Nandini starts sharing the outside world talks about the show to the housemates.

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