Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Day 7 starts with Nani dancing to his song from MCA. Nani wishes everyone Happy Father’s Day and asks them to continue the previous day’s task. Amit Tiwari opens his card and tells his dialogue to Bhanu Shree. After Ganesh tells his dialogue to Nutan Naidu, Nani announces that he is in the safe zone.


Nani asks Tanish if his mom knows about his smoking habit. Tanish explains his issues with Nutan to Nani and says his dialogue to Nutan Naidu. Later Bhanu Shree tells her dialogue to Kaushal.


Nani asks few questions to Nutan regarding the last week clashes with the other contestants. Nani sends envelopes to all the housemates and asks everyone to close their eyes and open on the count of 3. The envelope holds the pictures of their fathers as a token of love on father’s day and wishes everyone “Happy Father’s Day”.


Tanish gets very emotional as his father is no more. Nani shares his experience with Tanish’s father to the audience. All the other housemates share their love towards dad. After the emotional moments shared, Nani moves on to the elimination stage.


Bhanu, Kireeti, Kaushal, Ganesh and Deepthi Sunaina are in the safe zone. Nani asks Sanjana to go to the confession room and Nutan to the storeroom. Only one contestant who is in safe zone returns to the house. Nani tricks the housemates saying that confession room contestant is safe.



Nutan Naidu is safe. Sanjana is the first eliminated contestant of season 2. Nani gives Sanjana an opportunity to talk to two persons in the house. She advises Tejaswi to not to act as a celebrity and says Babu Gogineni is not as good as she expected. Nani also gives her to put a big bomb on one of the contestants. She chooses Babu Gogineni to fill water to any housemates when required.


Nani suggests all the contestants talk only in Telugu and plays an AV of Sanjana’s one week journey. Nani announces a wildcard entry, Nandini Rai. Nandini Rai had to join the show from the first week but due to some accident, she will be joining the Bigg Boss Telugu show this week.


Nani kicks off Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 with 16 interesting housemates, all set to begin their journey in the Bigg Boss house built in Annapurna studios on 7 acres land in Hyderabad for the next 100 days.

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