Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 day 50 starts with a friendship song Padametu Pothunna from Happy Days. This might be an indication of the re-entry of the eliminated housemates. Roll Rida rocks a rap on all the housemates.



Kaushal talks to Deepthi regarding the way she spoke when Nani asked why Kaushal nominated Babu Gogineni. He tells he could share everything with her as he considers her as a good friend and she is discussing this with the others in the house.


Bigg Boss asks the housemates to rank themselves based on their performance in the house so far. The housemates should choose a number pole and stand near it. Only one housemate could stand at each pole and they could discuss the reason for giving that rank to themselves and this affects their existence in the Bigg Boss house.


Tanish, Roll Rida and Kaushal occupy the first three positions. Deepthi and Kaushal get into an argument for the third position, Nandini and Pooja ask Sunaina’s reason for choosing the 7th position. Babu Gogineni asks Tanish to justify for choosing number 1. Pooja says she has come to win and one is the position for her, as she just entered the house she chooses not to argue with others.


Bigg Boss announces that the contestants who gave ranks from 1 to 6 are safe from nomination, 7 to 12 are in the nomination. Geetha can’t be nominated as she is the captain of the house. Pooja is not nominated as this is the first week of nomination. Kaushal and Deepthi are nominated as both stood in the third position. The final nominated contestants are Babu Gogineni, Nandini, Kaushal, Deepthi, and Ganesh.


Bigg Boss telecasts the childhood images of the housemates and sends the costumes to dress up as the photos sent. The housemates get dressed up and capture a pic of them.


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