Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Day 5 starts with Super Machi song. Kireeti and Roll Rida starts their day discussing Nutan Naidu’s behavior. Deepthi Sunaina and Sanjana talk about other housemates’ game plan. Kaushal explains Sanjana different ramp walk styles.


Bigg Boss asks Tanish to announce the luxury budget task results. The team earns 2200 points after deducting 1000 points for the mistakes they made during the task. When the buzzer 1 buzzes inmates should list out the products they require for the next week, buzzer 2 is a warning and by the time buzzer 3 rings, they have to keep the board inside the storeroom. The housemates fill the board at the given time.


Later, Bigg Boss announces that the time has come to elect the first captain of Bigg Boss house. Samrat earns the nomination to the captaincy by the letter he gets in the post box. Tejaswi is not eligible as she failed to accomplish her secret task.

Based on the inmates’ votes, Sanjana, Bhanu, Ganesh, and Samrat gets nominated for the captaincy. Nominated contestants should advertise some products to the other housemates. The housemates will be given 100rs token which will be given to the nominated contestants after their performance.


Ganesh promotes the dumbells in the gym area, Sanjana promotes sarees and soaps using the shower in the garden area, Bhanu advertises near dancing poll using grapes and handcuffs, Samrat promotes using cherry fruits and chocolate syrup near the deck chair. The contestant with the highest number of tokens will be the first captain of the house. Ganesh earns 175, Sanjana – 130, Bhanu – 380 and Samrat – 395. Samrat is elected as the first captain of the Bigg Boss House. Samrat has to make the housemates follow the rules of the house hereafter and he is also safe from elimination next week.


Nani kicks off Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 with 16 interesting housemates, all set to begin their journey in the Bigg Boss house built in Annapurna studios on 7 acres land in Hyderabad for the next 106 days.

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