Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Day 4 starts with Enniyalo Enniyalo song with a joyous performance of the inmates. Geetha Madhuri sings a single song in different ways to impress the Masters’ team. Nutan talks about Sanjana’s behavior and says he is ready to protect her as she addresses him as her brother.


Deepthi Sunaina cries for a joke cracked by Tejaswi. Tejaswi apologizes to Sunaina for the same. Tejaswi and Sanjana get into an argument regarding the cooking. As Tejaswi cooks daily, Sanjana thinks she is trying to impress the other housemates.

Later, Babu Gogineni and the masters’ team makes the house a courtroom. Sanjana investigates Deepthi and Tejaswi investigates Geetha Madhuri. Sanjana doesn’t give chance to Tejaswi which makes her feel so sad as no one else points this out. She feels everyone backstabbed her during this task. Bigg Boss calls Sanjana to confession room to ask how does she feel in the house. She complains about Tejaswi being dominant.


Later, Bigg Boss gives Tejaswi a secret task. The rules are that she should perform all the tasks smiling. She should make Babu look fashionable, makeover Geetha, and act as a marriage mediator between Kaushal and Sanjana. She should also do all Sanjana’s work, massage Kaushalmake, and Amit angry. If she wins in this secret task, she gets elected for captaincy. If other housemates get to know about this task, she will be nominated for elimination.


Kireeti slaves team wins by getting 177 points, Sanjana slaves team gets170. Tejaswi fails to accomplish the secret task. All the housemates target Nutan Naidu saying he is playing the game when he tells Tanish that Samrat is getting diverted. Both Tanish and Samrat confront him. Nutan Naidu tries to explain himself saying the housemates are not seeing him as a philosopher and just blaming him that he is playing the game.


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