Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Day 3 starts with the title track of Mirchi movie. Tejaswi shares her personal life accident experience meanwhile, guys get busy doing their exercise. The luxury budget task “Cheppandi Prabhu” continues on the day 3. Nutan Naidu does his tasks very sincerely. Kaushal and Tejaswi Madivada gets a conflict regarding the tasks he has given to Bhanu Shree. Kaushal changes all the likes given to Bhanu Shree to dislikes which raises a hot argument.

Kireeti, Bhanu Shree, and journalist Deepthi talk about Nutan Naidu game plan that he is trying to seek sympathy from the audience. Masters team Kaushal and Sanjana give a task to the slave’s team to dress up in the opposite genders and do a beauty pageant “Jambalakidipamba”.

Babu Gogineni opposes to participate in the task and says by his principles he is against fashion shows. He also says he can’t submit his body for somebody else’s appreciation. Nutan Naidu wins first prize in the beauty pageant while Amit is the first runner-up and Bhanu is the second runner-up.


The second stage of the task starts. Bigg Boss announces the masters’ and the slaves’ teams to swap their positions. The same rules apply to the two teams again. As the task starts, Babu Gogineni wants the masters’ team to follow the principles and not to harass the slave’s team. Roll Rida motivates Kireeti when he gets emotional.


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