Bhanu apologizes to Bigg Boss for using bad words during an argument with Nandini. Day 16 starts with Seetha Geetha song. Bhanu reads the luxury budget task given by Bigg Boss. The task name is “Bigg Boss Sugarcane Factory”. There will be two teams with two managers and one quality check manager. Kireeti is the head of the green team and Kaushal is the head of the yellow team.


The two teams should collect enough amount of sugarcane required for making the juice. After making sugarcane juice, the team should fill the juice into the bottles given and label them with the factory name. Once Bigg Boss announces to send the package, the team gets the bottles checked by the quality check manager(QCM). He should check the amount of juice in the bottle and also the label and pass/fail the package.


Samrat, Geetha, Syamala, Ganesh, Tanish and Babu Gogineni are Kireeti’s green team members. Nandini, Tejaswi, Amit, Deepthi, Roll Rida and Sunaina are Kaushal’s yellow team members. Bhanu Shree acts as the QCM.


The first order given by Bigg Boss is to make 50 sugarcane bottles in two hours. The two teams collect bottles and stickers from the storeroom. When the buzzer buzzes, sugarcane is dropped from the sliding table. The two teams collect the sugarcanes and start making juice out of that. The two teams actively participate in the task.


During the task, Tanish gets his head hit to the machine wheel. Each team tries to steal sugarcanes from the other team. Samrat and Tejaswi will have some misunderstanding. Bhanu places the bottles in the storeroom. Team green completes 29 and team yellow 23 bottles. No team finishes the order.


The second order is to make 100 sugarcane bottles. Tejaswi and Tanish agree to take the bottles and stickers equally. The team collects their bottles and starts fighting for the sugarcanes. Both the teams get into clashes, Samrat throws the yellow team bottles away and breaks a mirror in the house, and Tanish stamps on the yellow team bottles.


Tejaswi throws the green team’s sugarcanes. Tanish asks Ganesh to get water in the sugarcane bottles so that they can dilute the juice. He secretly fills the bottles with water from the kitchen. Tanish tries to steal the bottles from the yellow team. Ganesh keeps getting the water from the kitchen and dilutes the juice.


Bhanu finds this out and warns the green team not to cheat. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss announces that the green team used water to make the juice and cancels the order. Bigg Boss asks Bhanu to put the bottles in the storeroom. Green team blames Bhanu that she didn’t check the yellow team diluting. The yellow team fills 95 bottles and green team fills 85 bottles. As Bigg Boss himself cancels the order, he announces yellow team as the winners for completing more number of bottles.


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