Nani enters the stage performing to the song Aadara Aadara. He tells the story “King and the seven sons”. He tells the contestants that this is a fun day with an elimination. Bhanu gets the tray of pens and envelopes from the storeroom.


Nani asks the housemates to write the name of their favorite contestant and give them a score for 20. Bhanu replaces the tray in the storeroom after contestants finish writing. Nani starts the game “Manchodiki Moodindhi”. Nani gives a task to the contestant name written on the envelope.


Amit gives Roll Rida 18 points. Nani gives Roll Rida frog jumps task. Kaushal gives Nutan Naidu 18 points. Nani gives a task to Nutan to make 18 chapathis.


Bhanu gives Sunaina 19 points. Bhanu and Sunaina take 19 situps holding each other’s ears. Sunaina gives Bhanu 20 points. Bhanu and Sunaina drink 20 lemon shots. Ganesh gives Deepthi 18 points. Ganesh tries to do Deepthi’s task instead of her. As he fails to do, Nani asks them both to do “Chiranjeevi’s Veena step” 18 times.



Geetha Madhuri gives Syamala 15 points. Syamala has to eat 15 chilli bajjis. Roll Rida gives Bhanu 10 points. Bhanu finishes the lemon juice in the jug. Samrat gives Tanish 10 points. Tanish gets “Vangudu Dhookudu” task. When Samrat bends, Tanish jumps over him 10 times.


Deepthi gives Syamala 19 3/4 points. Deepthi should scold Syamala for 20 seconds without stopping. Nandini Rai gives Deepthi 20 points. If Deepthi eats 9 biscuits without stopping, she can share the remaining with the other housemates. Syamala gives Deepthi 20 points. Deepthi should do padmasan with a single leg.



Tejaswi gives Amit 18 points. Amit has to do 18 pushups with Tejaswi sitting on his back. Nutan Naidu gives Kaushal 20 points. Kaushal has to eat 20 sweets. Babu Gogineni gives Nutan Naidu 0 points. Nutan need not do any task as his score is 0. Kireeti gives Babu Gogineni 20 points. Either of them should give 20 kisses to the other. Babu Gogineni kisses Kireeti hand 20 times. Tanish gives Tejaswi 18 points. Tejaswi, Samrat, and Tanish eat 6 raw eggs each.



Nani announces Ganesh safe. Nutan wishes good luck to all the contestants. Kaushal tells it is necessary for Nutan to be a part of this game. Nani advises Kaushal not to lose his confidence and disappoint his supporters. He also motivates the contestants to never lose their hope and be fighters as the viewers of the show make them the part of their house for three months.



Nani announces Kaushal safe and Nutan Naidu eliminated. Nutan says his last bye to all the housemates. Tanish apologizes to Nutan. Nani plays a video clip of Nutan Naidu’s journey in the Bigg Boss house. Nutan Naidu expresses his gratitude to Kaushal and Deepthi for always being with him in his hard time in the house. The Bigg Bomb is given to Kaushal to clean the vessels the entire week. Kaushal says he would take this opportunity to serve the people in the house, also he says Tanish is like his brother.


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