The task continues, among Samrat and Tanish, Samrat wins. Babu Gogineni fires on Bigg Boss seeing the housemates’ injuries. But he participates in the task as it is a luxury budget task. Among Babu Gogineni and Syamala, Babu Gogineni wins. All the winners of the tasks are moved to the King’s team, the remaining contestants belong to the Queen’s team.


Day 10 starts with Raavanasura song. Deepthi Sunaina and Nandini Rai discuss other contestants. There is a diamond in the living area, the team who has the diamond by the end of the day will be the winner. Based on all the tasks winner will be decided.



If the King’s team loses, King and Queen will go to the jail. If the Princess team loses, Princess will go to the jail. Kaushal holds the diamond in his pocket for a while and hides it in the lawn, meanwhile Bigg Boss gives “Raja Maala” task. In this task, both the teams collect flowers from the pool and make a garland out of them. The team who makes a garland with more number of flowers wins the task. The princess team wins this task.



Another task will be given in which the princess will be seated on a throne ad both the team should pull the throne from either side using the rope attached. The King’s team wins this task. Geetha Madhuri and Tanish get into an argument after this task.


The princess team wins the diamond task, King and Queen will be sent to the jail. Now the King’s team has an opportunity to get them out of the jail by stealing the jail key after the lights go off. The princess team will be safeguarding the key placed on a podium in the lawn area.


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