Bigg Boss Tamil September 27 – Thiruda Thiruda, Nikkurom Thookurom Tasks

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In the Bigg Boss Tamil show September 28, the day starts with a graceful dance, Arav and Harish tease Bindu saying that a bird has shit on her hair. When she says bullshit, they tease her saying she can’t stand the weight.

Bigg Boss announces a daily task NIKKUROM – THOOKUROM. The housemates split up into two teams, one of the housemates act as a judge. Two poles are kept in the swimming pool with two steps. As soon as the task buzzer rings, one housemate from each team stands on the second step of the pole. If the competitor becomes tired, then the other teammate can continue the game. Ganesh says he wants to be the judge since he has puss in both the legs and its not supposed to get wet.





Harish – Bindu and Arav – Snehan pairs up as a team. First, Arav and Bindu start the task. An hour later, Bigg Boss asks Arav and Bindu to stand with the help of one hand and one leg. They won’t be able to stand for a long time, then Snehan and Harish continue the task. Snehan and Arav win the task. Bigg Boss asks Ganesh to hand over the gift voucher of Rs. 30,000/- offered by max. As Anjali promises, Balloon movie team sends almond ice cream and chocolate cake to the Bigg Boss Housemates.



ARAV AND SNEHAN Win Rs. 30,000/-


Bigg Boss gives another daily task “Tic Tac Toe”. The housemates split up into two teams. Harish and Bindu in one team, Snehan and Ganesh in the other team and Arav is the judge of this task.Tic Tac Toe setup has been set in the garden area. Three pieces of cloth will be provided to each team. There will be a green mark and the two teams should stand behind that. The team members from each team should stand one behind the other. Once the task buzzer buzzes, the first members of each team must run together and place one piece of cloth in the ring and run back to the start position, followed by second members of two teams placing the second cloth and first members place the third cloth once the second members come back. They should make one row with their respective clothes. The team members run and change one cloth at a time. When one team completes a row, one round will be completed. Ganesh and Snehan win the task.



In the evening, Bigg Boss sends a prize money of Rs. 10,00,000/- for the housemates. He says only one among the five housemates will win the Bigg Boss Title. The housemate who wants to leave the house can take the money and the amount will be deducted from the Bigg Boss Title Winner’s prize money. Ganesh refuses the offer saying he can’t quit the game for the sake of money and he will leave the house when audience let him. Snehan says audience wants them to stay for 100 days so he can’t accept the offer. Arav says audiences got him this long so he can’t accept the offer. Bindu and Harish say they will be in the game for 100 days. So, all the housemates refused the offer given by Bigg Boss.


In sometime, Bigg Boss increases the prize money to 11 lac and the housemates refuse to leave the house again. Bigg Boss gives a daily task THIRUDA THIRUDA, same as the old DIAMOND TASK. He gives Harish a secret task and he is the THIRUDA.





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