Vaishnavi explains what Kamal said to Sendrayan in English. Bigg Boss calls Bhalajie to ask whose eviction makes the house happier. Bhalajie, Mamati, and Sendrayan say Mamati Chari, Ramya, Mamati, Daniel, Yashika, Ponnambalam, Vaishnavi, Shariq, and Mumtaz says Nithya, Ananth Vaidyanathan says Mumtaz, Riythvika says Ananth Vaidyanathan, Mamat says Sendrayan, Janani says Ponnambalam.


Ramya apologizes to Nithya for the past days. Day 8 begins with a shock to the housemates. All the things disappear in the kitchen. The things which are kept inside the house are available. The gas supply and the microwave connection is disconnected.



Bigg Boss gives a task to the housemates. The basic needs are all removed from the house. The contestants are split into male and female teams and given 4000 points each. With these points, the two should purchase the things they feel necessary for this week. Who is good at assessing the requirements of the home, male or female team will be known for this task.


There is a vegetable market set up inside the activity area. Daniel and Sendrayan bargains and buys vegetables. Mumtaz and Mamati purchases for the female team. Both the trolly of things bought by the two teams will be verified by the teammates and decide which trolly is good for surviving the next week. The male team stands as the winners as their trolly is chosen by the housemates. Based on the names told by the housemates previously, Nithya is selected as the second captain of the Bigg Boss house.


The nomination process starts. Nithya can’t be nominated as she is the captain. Riythvika nominates Vaishnavi and Ananth Vaidyanathan, Bhalajie nominates Mumtaz and Mamati, Janani says Mumtaz and Mamati, Shariq says Sendrayan and Mamati, Mamati nominates Vaishnavi and Mahat, Nithya nominates Mumtaz and Daniel, Mahat nominates Ponnambalam and Ananth Vaidyanathan, Daniel says Ponnambalam and Ananth Vaidyanathan, Aishwarya nominates Janani and Riythvika, Ananth nominates Daniel and Mumtaz, Ramys says Mamati and Ponnambalam, Yashika nominates Ponnambalam and Ananth, Ponnambalam says Daniel and Mumtaz, Mumtaz nominates Vaishnavi and Sendrayan, Sendrayan says Mamati and Shariq, Vaishnavi says Mumtaz and Mahati. The final nominated contestants for elimination are Mumtaz, Mamati, Ananth, and Ponnambalam.


Day 9 begins with what a karuvaad song. The ladies in the house seem to be offended by something said by Ponnambalam and Mumtaz talks to him about this in a soft tone. The luxury budget task is given by Bigg Boss for 1600 points. As the guys’ team won in the shopping task, they act as Masters and the ladies team as slaves.



Ladies should do all the cleaning, cooking task and all the work given by the male team. They should sleep only on the beds arranged in the activity area. The slaves’ team get the necessary costumes and equipment for doing their task. The gents team makes the ladies do their work like ironing, cleaning, making them eat food, etc. Nithya refuses to be a slave to Bhalajie. Mamati and Mumtaz refuse to do some tasks beyond their comfort level.



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