Bigg Boss Tamil – “Car Kulla Yaaru, Kadaisiya Paaru” – “Pothikitu Paduthukalam, Paduthukitu Pothikalam”

Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show – Episode 79

The day starts with a joyful dance by all the contestants of Bigg Boss show, while Suja Varunee seriously hunts for the Golden card. Luckily, Arav finds his golden card of 5 points worth.Bigg Boss announces a cooking task, every contestant will be given a recipe to cook and each has to cook a recipe given to them each day. Aarav cooks first. His recipe is to cook “Quinoa Poha”, also India Gate Foods tweeted #QuinoaOnBiggBoss 


Bigg Boss announces the “Ticket to Finale”, Task 3 – “Pothikitu Paduthukalam, Paduthukitu Pothikalam”.
When the buzzer rings, the housemates should assemble in the garden area. Balls wrapped with clothes will be thrown from outside into the house. Contestants could collect as many balls as possible.With this collected clothes, housemates should stitch a double bed sheet. The housemate who gets the black cloth can use it to take the already stitched clothes from any other housemate of his/her choice.


After collecting the balls, housemates start stitching while Vaiyyapuri struggles to put the thread into the needle. Ganesh has injured during this task and Vaiyyapuri curses himself for not leaving the Bigg Boss house when Kamal Haasan opened the door for the weak contestants.Later, the task is temporarily called off and a daily task “Car Kulla Yaaru, Kadaisiya Paaru” is announced by The Bigg Boss. In this task, the housemates should get into a car in the garden area. The housemate who stays till the end in the car earns 10 points and a chance to win “Ticket to Finale”.

When the buzzer buzzes, all the housemates should nominate one housemate to leave the car stating a valid reason. Everyone settles down in the car in some time, Snehan, Arav, and Vaiyyapuri sit in the front while Suja, Harish, and Ganesh sits behind and Bindu on Ganesh’s lap.Bindu gets down the car followed by Vaiyyapuri, Arav, and Harish. These four housemates leave the car asking to nominate them. Snehan, Suja, and Ganesh remain in the car. Ganesh says he is ready to leave next provided he knows who is going to leave after him.


Snehan rejects to leave as he is on the eviction list this week and he traveled so far facing many hardships. Suja argues she has not scored well in the other tasks. Snehan argues he would have left the car if he is not on the eviction list this week.Snehan and Suja Varunee continues to stay in the car, while Bigg Boss questions Arav, Vaiyyapuri, Bindu, and Harish for nominating themselves to leave the car. Bigg Boss warns this four saying this kind of mindset won’t help them to continue further in the Bigg Boss House as the tasks from now on will be at its toughest. Bigg Boss informs them that the door would once again be opened this week and the weak participants could leave the Bigg Boss House if they think they can’t continue in the house anymore.

Snehan or Suja – Who wins/deserves the Golden Ticket?? Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil show episode 80 reveals the winner of the task “Car Kulla Yaaru, Kadasiya Paaru”.

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