#VivoBiggBoss #BiggBossTamil BIGG BOSS | PROMO VIDEO 1 | September 15, 2017


#VivoBiggBoss இல் இன்றைய டாஸ்க்! #BiggBossTamil Watch Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show September 15, 2017 – Latest Promo Video In today’s Bigg Boss Tamil task, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to criticize the other housemates with words. They choose the words with which the other housemates are famous outside the Bigg Boss House. The funniest part of this task is “Silent Ganesh turns Violent” asking if he sold out Suja’s property to eat the eggs. As always, eggs are again the biggest problem in the Bigg Boss House. Don’t forget…

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India Gate Foods Tweeted – “Vote For Arav” #QuinoaOnBiggBoss


Vote for Arav on #BiggBossTamil, retweet with #QuinoaOnBiggBoss & watch the eviction episode Live. Know more: http://bit.ly/2eTk7Oi   Vote for Arav on #BiggBossTamil, retweet with #QuinoaOnBiggBoss & watch the eviction episode Live. Know more: https://t.co/VqkDaNWCEi pic.twitter.com/Pqt4f47ikE — India Gate Foods (@IndiaGateFoods) September 12, 2017

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Ganesh Bro Is Safe !

In the enormously popular Bigg Boss Show Tamil, few contestants were defamed whereas few became very popular. One such contestant who stole the hearts of the audience by his simplicity and the coolest nature is Ganesh Venkatraman.   Ganesh Venkatraman is a very composed person who maintained a healthy relationship with every family member even when few complained about his food habits, sleep, and his attitude during a sport. People have once again shown their support for him in the 11th week by voting to save him from the eviction. As…

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