BIGG BOSS | PROMO VIDEO | September 22, 2017 | #VivoBiggBoss இன் இன்றைய முதல் ப்ரோமோ[email protected]_India #BiggBossTamil


இன்று #VivoBiggBoss இல்லத்தில்.. #BiggBossTamil Watch Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show – September 22, 2017, Bigg Boss Tamil Latest Promo Video 1. In latest Bigg Boss Tamil promo, the phone task continues today as well. As Ganesh sits near the phone without moving, the other housemates Arav, Harish Kalyan and Bindu Madhavi show their annoyance towards Ganesh’s behavior. Suja and Ganesh sit together at the phone may be in a thought of sharing the tasks among themselves. The housemates who praised Ganesh for his perfect nature now think about him…

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