10 Things To Learn From Bigg Boss Tamil


Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil show hosted by Kamal Haasan reached the audience more than expected. People started admiring the Bigg boss contestants, trolling and even treating them as their own family. While many built hatred towards few contestants, here are few things which Bigg Boss Tamil taught. 10 Things To Learn From Bigg Boss Tamil

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Bigg Boss Tamil – Trending Troll Videos


Bigg Boss Tamil gained a huge response and people are very eager for the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. The best trolls video of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Finale is here. Bigg Boss Tamil – Trending Trolls

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Let’s find out who big boss winner Arav wants to have biryani with | Diwali special | BiggBossTamil #Moustache


Arav Nafeez is an Indian model and actor who has worked in the Tamil film industry. After making his acting debut through the Vijay Antony movie Saithan (2016), he rose to fame after winning the Tamil reality television show Bigg Boss hosted by Kamal Haasan. Arav is being busy with many interviews and shows. In this interview, let’s find out who big boss winner Arav wants to have biryani with.

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Bigg Boss Tamil – Day 96 – Day Before Grand Finale


In Bigg Boss Tamil show, the 96th day started with a dance but not so graceful as the housemates are very much depressed with the recent elimination of Bindu. Bigg Boss announces a daily task “Lesa Lesa – World Heart Day”. There will be balloons tied in the garden area. The housemates should write what their heart feelings on the balloon. They should stand on the red cross mark beside the balloon , watching the main door they should express their feelings and let the balloons fly. ARAV SAYS HIS…

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BIGG BOSS | PROMO VIDEO 3 | September 29, 2017 | #VivoBiggBoss இல்லதில் இன்று[email protected]_India #BiggBossTamil


#2DaysToGo #GrandFinale #VivoBiggBoss #BiggBossTamil Watch Bigg Boss Promo 3 – Vijay tv shows September 29, 2017 | Vijay TV show Bigg Boss Promo September 29, 2017 The contestants in the Bigg Boss house will be leaving the house in two more days. The housemates confesses their feelings towards the ex-housemates and ask for their forgiveness. Bigg Boss Tamil voting will be not to save your favorite contestant. It’s time for you to vote for the most deserved “Bigg Boss Tamil Winner”. Vote for your favorite deserving contestant to make him…

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The Last Eviction Takes Place In Bigg Boss Tamil – September 28


#3DaysToGo #BiggBossTamil #GrandFinale #VivoBiggBoss In Bigg Boss Tamil, the day starts with the housemates discussing the Thiruda Thiruda task. Snehan starts checking Harish things, while Arav and Bindu suspect Harish too. Bigg Boss asks Harish to place a briefcase with Rs.13,00,000/- in the living area and the housemates refuse to take the prize money. Assembling all the housemates in the living area, a video of Harish stealing the diamond is played. THIRUDA THIRUDA TASK Bigg Boss announces a daily task SELFIE KURUMPADAM. Each housemate should make a short film. The short film…

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Bigg Boss Tamil Show – Latest & Popular Memes


Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show – September 15 episode popular memes. Ganesh saved Snehan from eviction in the 11th week of Tamil Bigg Boss using his special power given by Bigg Boss, in the same week Snehan nominated Ganesh for eviction. Now Snehan calls Ganesh is showing partiality when the other housemates too declared Suja as the winner. Here are few trending memes of Tamil Bigg Boss Show. A post shared by Oviya_Army_Official_BB (@biggbosstamil_unofficial) on Sep 14, 2017 at 11:42am PDT A post shared by Oviya_Army_Official_BB (@biggbosstamil_unofficial) on Sep…

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Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show contestants look like finally having some fun in the Bigg Boss House. After a very long and tiring week, there is a fun-filled task for the contestants. Let’s watch and have some fun too. வேடிக்கையான டாஸ்க்குடன் இன்றைய #[email protected]_India #BiggBossTamil pic.twitter.com/eeCbXv92ry — Vijay Television (@vijaytelevision) September 10, 2017

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Bigg Boss | Tamil | 9th September 2017 – Promo 2 #VivoBiggBoss

Vijay TV’s Vivo Bigg Boss Tamil show again shook the audience by it’s today’s promo. Kamal Hassan words in today’s promo “Till now every contestant has shown sympathy. It is time to show their strength.” While the main gate was left open, Kamal said to contestants “If you think you can’t compete with your contestants whom you thought as a family, you can leave through the opened main gate” giving two minutes time to them. Kamal would have done this to show the true face of the contestants who always…

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