Arav Reveals The Reason For Not Accepting Oviya’s Love – Arav Kadhal Coffee With Shana


Arav Nafeez is an Indian model and actor who has worked in the Tamil film industry. After making his acting debut through the Vijay Antony movie Saithan (2016), he rose to fame after winning the Tamil reality television show Bigg Boss hosted by Kamal Haasan. Arav is being busy with many interviews and shows. Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 title winner and the heartthrob of many female audiences Arav Nafeez speaks about his personal and professional life in an interview in London. When the interviewer asks Arav about Oviya, he…

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Sameer and Arav Join Hands For Urban Romance..!!


Bigg Boss Tamil title winner Arav has a hand full of film opportunities. He is being very careful in choosing the scripts to keep up a good career growth rate. Arav joins hands with the Director and Producer Sameer Bharath Ram for his next film. This is an Urban Romance film based on Kaaka Muttai Director Manikandan’s short film “Meendum Oru Punnagai”. Sameer says he felt Arav as the right choice for playing the lead role in this film. This film holds two heroines with strong characters and the shoot…

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Oviya Love Is All True – Arav Shares What Really Happened In Bigg Boss Tamil


The Bigg Boss Tamil Title Winner Arav Nafeez shares his experience in the Bigg Boss Tamil House. He tells what he has learnt from this show and learnt many positive things from the housemates. He says he learnt discipline from Shakthi and take it easy nature from Oviya. He accepts the fact about Maruthava Muttham. Arav Live Talk – Shares What Really Happened In Bigg Boss Tamil

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Snehan Saves Ganesh – Snehan’s Decision Correct?


In Bigg Boss Tamil show, in the last week eviction Snehan was given an opportunity to share the points he has earned during the game to Suja or Ganesh to save from them eviction since they got least votes compared to Bindu and Arav. While Kamal asked the other contestants whom they think will be saved by Snehan, everyone except Harish said Ganesh and Harish said Suja. Snehan deliberated all his past experiences of this 90 days with Ganesh and told Kamal that he wishes to save Ganesh, as Ganesh…

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Enna Maa Ipppidi Panreengalae Maa! Bigg Boss Tamil Trending Trolls!


Bigg Boss Tamil Trolls The Bigg Boss Tamil show gained a huge response from the audience all over India. The show was initially all about Kamal Haasan. Now each contestant of the show became a celebrity outside the show. Every housemate is being loved, trolled, teased and cared by the outside world. Here’s a Bigg Boss Tamil trending troll video. Bigg Boss Tamil – Latest Trolls

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Bindu Says to Kamal, “Arav Romba Kevalama Irukanga Sir”


Bindu Says to Kamal, “Arav Romba Kevalama Irukanga Sir” In Bigg Boss Tamil show, Kamal questions every contestant to tell the reason for “How are they special compared to the other contestants? Why are others not the deserving contestants to be a winner? ”  Bindu gives funny reasons not hurting the other housemates. She states Harish isn’t a deserving because he always says he wants to go home and Arav isn’t a deserving winner because he looks so bad after his full shave. When Kamal asks the reasons, without hurting others Bindu gives…

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The Voice Behind Bigg Boss Tamil – Who is the real Bigg Boss? 


Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show – Who is the real Bigg Boss? Since the Bigg Boss Tamil show started airing, the audience focus was only on the 15 contestants of the show. Slowly, each person watching the show had a very big doubt. Who is the person behind the furious voice of Bigg Boss.  There are many discussions on this topic. Few said the person providing the voice is Gopi Nair’s, the voice of Vijay TV. Everyone came to believe that Gopi Nair is the real voice behind Bigg…

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Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show – September 20th Episode Popular Memes. In Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil show September 20th episode, the housemates are engaged with numerous tasks. Here are few trending memes on September 20th episode. ARAV AND OVIYA  BINDU AND ARAV GANESH – “PHONE RINGS” HARISH AND SUJA ARAV – SUJA – GANESH BINDU VS CHILLIES HARISH VS SUJA SUJA VS VADIVELU   Save your favorite contestant @ Bigg Boss Tamil Vote online. The popular reality show is a spin-off of Big Brother, in which participants live in…

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