Snehan states “He Is Cheated By The Housemates”

Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show

On the 80th day of Bigg Boss Tamil Show, Snehan and Suja continues to stay in the car for the “CAR KULLA YAARU, KADAISIYA PAARU” task. Bigg Boss asks them to decide upon who leaves the car first. Despite Bigg Boss asking Snehan and Suja to take a call, both refuse to leave the car. Snehan says this task is very important for him since he has traveled 80 days in the Bigg Boss House and he is on the eviction list this week. Also, Snehan says that he has lived this 80 days for other housemates and this is the first time he is taking a stand for himself. Suja tells Snehan that she has never tasted success till now in her career and none knows her face despite her being in the film industry for 15 years.



Meanwhile, Harish Kalyan performs his India Gate Foods Quinoa cooking task. Bigg Boss announces to continue the “POTHIKITU PADUTHUKALAM, PADUTHUKITU POTHIKALAM” task including the housemates in the car. The housemates check the quality of the bedsheets stitched by the other housemates and give quality assurance of all the bed sheets.


Bigg Boss asks the housemates to nominate a person to get off the car when everyone tries to convince Suja, she refuses to leave the task and Snehan does the same. Later, Bigg Boss warns Snehan and Suja that the task is going to get tougher and ask them both to travel on the car foot board and asks Ganesh to monitor the task. Ganesh and other team mates find Snehan resting his feet on the ankle of the other feet and announces Suja as the winner of the car task.


Snehan gets too much emotional and says he will leave the Bigg Boss House this Saturday when Kamal Haasan sees them on the plasma. He says the decision taken by the housemates is unethical and all his 20 hours hard work went in vain. The housemates try to convince Snehan saying this is completely ethical and no one has any personal grudge on him and everyone likes him.



Finally, the score board is displayed in the garden area in which Bindu is leading the race scoring 24 points, followed by Ganesh – 22, Arav – 21, Harish Kalyan – 19, Snehan – 13, Suja – 6 and Vaiyyapuri – 4. “Is the judgment given by the housemates for the car task correct?” The winner of the golden ticket to the finale is yet to be announced.



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