“Ganesh would have been the winner”, says Gayathri Raghuram – Bigg Boss Tamil

After overcoming many ups and downs and being taunted by people in the social media, after Bigg Boss Tamil Finale Gayathri Raghuram has finally shown up in an interview. She says that only her anger has been taken into the hearts by the people even if her caring nature has been telecasted in the Bigg Boss Tamil show.


When the interviewer asks her why didn’t she use the opportunity to re-enter the show, she tells that she shouldn’t be the cause for Arav to lose the chance of winning the show as he talks to her when she enters the show and people wouldn’t have liked it. She also tells that Ganesh would’ve had the chance to win the title if she had entered the show. She tells her pet name at home is “NAI SEKHAR”. She answers few questions asked by the viewers.

“My Name Is Nai Sekar”, says Gayathri Raghuram

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