Ganesh Venkatraman about Bigg Boss Controversies | Ganesh Venkatram first Interview after Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Tamil’s gentleman Ganesh Venkataraman first interview after Bigg Boss Tamil. Ganesh says his 100 days stay in Bigg Boss House served the purpose of his participation in the show. He says even if he does 50 films, he wouldn’t have received such a love and fame among the people.

Ganesh tells Kamal hosted the show not just as an entertainment, but as a social mirror. He explains the opportunities given in show to their actual character and talents. He received a very huge response from the people all around the world.He tells Narendra Modi, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, P.V.Sindhu and Abdul Kalam are his favorite persons and he learnt being calm in any kind of situation from these four people.


He shares few incidents from the Bigg Boss House like Oviya pulling Julie’s carpet, Snehan throwing chilli and detergent powder water at his eyes, his wife Nisha entering the house and wrestling competition held. He clarifies Oviya, Arav and Bharani issues happened in the Bigg Boss House.

Ganesh Venkatram about Bigg Boss Controversies

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