Bindu Says to Kamal, “Arav Romba Kevalama Irukanga Sir”

Bindu Says to Kamal, “Arav Romba Kevalama Irukanga Sir”

In Bigg Boss Tamil show, Kamal questions every contestant to tell the reason for “How are they special compared to the other contestants? Why are others not the deserving contestants to be a winner? ” 

Bindu gives funny reasons not hurting the other housemates. She states Harish isn’t a deserving because he always says he wants to go home and Arav isn’t a deserving winner because he looks so bad after his full shave. When Kamal asks the reasons, without hurting others Bindu gives smart reasons for why she is a deserving winner.

Save your favorite contestant @ Bigg Boss Tamil Vote online. The popular reality show is a spin-off of Big Brother, in which participants live in a specially constructed house without television or phones and are constantly monitored through cameras and audio phones. Big Boss reality show in Vijay TV is anchored by Kamal.

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