Bigg Boss Telugu day 52, Kaushal takes the pirates and the survivors task much serious. He wakes up by 4 am and practices to stand on the plank in the pool instead of the ground.


When the task starts, Kaushal puts the plank in the pool and gets on to it, the Pirates’ team declares he is already out of the game as he has put his legs on the ground. The pirates pull the survivors off the plank one after the other in a very short span of time.



The first-day survivors’ team stayed for a long time on the planks and wins the game. Geetha Madhuri, Samrat, Roll Rida, Deepthi Sunaina, Pooja, and Deepthi wins the task. When Bigg Boss asks to choose and the best and worst performers of the task, the housemates choose Pooja and Roll Rida as the best performers and Geetha, Samrat and Ganesh as the worst performers.



Pooja and Roll Rida will be competing for the next captaincy, among Geetha, Samrat and Ganesh one will be competing for the captaincy and the other two will be sent to the jail. In the task, Roll Rida and Pooja act as a small boss and accountant respectively.


The worst performers will be the workers under them. Bigg Boss gives a suitcase with cash to the small boss and accountant. They can decide on wages to be given to the workers. The worst performer who has more money by the end of the task will compete for captaincy. The other housemates can influence the small boss to pay more wages to their favorite housemate.



The small boss asks Samrat to act as a girl, Geetha to whisper and Ganesh to act as a villager. They three performs their tasks very well and entertains the housemates. Samrat gets more money and qualifies for captaincy task. Geetha and Ganesh are sent to the jail. Kaushal uses his jail card to release Ganesh out of the jail. Ganesh questions him instead of showing gratitude. Geetha remains in the jail.



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