Bigg Boss Telugu Season Day 33 promo 1. When Kaushal tries to take the apples from Bhanu and Tejaswi while they are standing at the tree, Bhanu and Tejaswi accuse him of touching their private area. Kaushal strongly stands on his word as he never touched them, Tejaswi and Bhanu abuses him in a very inhuman way and throws apples at him. Kaushal says he never touched Bhanu in the wrong place and apologizes to her if something happened without his conscious.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season Day 33 promo 2. Tejaswi abuses him using the words cheap fellow etc. Geetha strongly supports Kaushal asking Bhanu and Tejaswi not to make his character bad for the game sake and she saw what happened. Bhanu later changes her word saying his hand touched but he didn’t put the hand. Geetha Madhuri followed her moral standards and helped a person not to lose his characters due to false accusations.

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