Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Day 2 Highlights!

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Day 2 starts with a peppy song. Tanish, Samrat and few other guys chop veggies and everyone come to a conclusion of sharing the work equally. Syamala entertains housemates by showing how Bigg Boss housemates bark if they are dogs.


Sanjana fires on the housemates accusing of nominating her even while she is in the jail. Later Bigg Boss releases Sanjana out of the jail and asks her to form a team of 7 housemates. She chooses Tejaswi, Tanish, Kaushal, Geetha, Samrat, Sunaina, and Ganesh.


Bigg Boss calls Kireeti to the confession room and gives the luxury budget task details. In the task “Cheppandi Prabhu” Sanjana’s team acts as Masters and the remaining 8 housemates acts as a Slaves team. Slaves do all the work in the house and also the work given by the masters. Slaves team members eat in a banana leaf only after the masters eat and re-use the same leaf. Slaves team members should not sleep in the bedroom.


Based on the tasks performed, the slaves get like, love or dislike. All the housemates’ deeds affect their captaincy and luxury budget. Tejaswi makes all the slaves dance, Sanjana asks Babu Gogineni for a head massage which he denies and this makes the situation hot in the house. Masters team starts fighting among themselves.


Nani kicks off Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 with 16 interesting housemates, all set to begin their journey in the Bigg Boss house built in Annapurna studios on 7 acres land in Hyderabad for the next 106 days.

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