Day 18 begins with the love song Andamaina Prema Rani song. Kireeti talks about his participation for captaincy task with Babu Gogineni. Sunaina dances for Rangamma Mangamma song while Geetha sings it. Tejaswi tells there are fewer resources when Syamala asks lassi. Tanish tries to calm down Syamala, Tejaswi tells Samrat that she didn’t stop her from having lassi. Tanish opposes Tejaswi’s behavior as in the previous day task everyone supports Tejaswi in a very good way.


Bigg Boss says the housemates are not following the house rules properly. Kaushal’s Bigg bomb vessels cleaning task is not followed properly and Samrat broke the mirror in the lawn area during the sugarcane task. Bigg Boss punishes both of them. Kaushal has to clean the vessels placed in the storeroom. Samrat has to break the stones placed in the lawn area into small pieces. As Samrat’s hand is injured, he swaps the task with Tanish.


Tejaswi tries to explain Syamala what happened in the kitchen and tells that she misunderstood her. Tejaswi tells captain Amit that she is no more going to be the part of the kitchen team. She feels ill for portraying her as a person who shouts over food when she is trying to feed everyone. Syamala questions her for making chapathi the previous night, Tejaswi tells her that she made food because everyone is hungry after the hectic sugarcane task.


Tanish breaks all the stones into small pieces and Kaushal keeps cleaning the vessels. Syamala and Tejaswi hug each other and calms down. Kaushal and Samrat tasks are finished. Kaushal’s Bigg bomb ends. Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to share the sacrifices they did for their loved ones, and give a rose to a contestant whom they think needs more love. Tanish starts this task.


Syamala sacrifices everything to marry her boyfriend and says thanks to his family for accepting her with a loving heart. She gives a rose to Roll Rida saying she saw tears behind his happy face. Kireeti says his love story. He sends 500 roses to a girl whom he loved. He gives a rose to Tejaswi for her open-hearted nature.


Babu Gogineni tells he never made any great sacrifices and he never had any interest in puppy love. He says he did everything for him and his family, so that can’t be considered as a sacrifice. He gives his rose to Tejaswi saying she is the life for Bigg Boss house and she is a fighter and a survivor. Geetha Madhuri says she loves her parents and husband Nandu, and always sacrifices her mom’s hug when she is with Nandu and Nandu’s hug when she is with her mom. She gives her rose to Tejaswi, Nandini, and Ganesh.


Roll Rida says everyone focuses on the career after a breakup. He is in Bigg Boss house for the same reason. He shares his love story and he chose his profession over love. He gives a rose to Kireeti as he has been experiencing lesser love from the last week. Amit says he never sacrificed much for anyone, but many people like his grandma, father, mother, and wife sacrificed their entire life to give him this life. He gives a rose to Ganesh saying he is the only one who never knows anyone in the house. Kaushal says he loves his mother, wife, and daughter. His mother passes away with cancer. He says before marriage he used to go to pubs every weekend, but after marriage, he sacrificed all these to spend time with his wife. He gives a petal to each housemate.


Deepthi shares her love experience and tells they both eat together how much ever busy they are. She says she sacrificed her career for her family. She gives a rose to Ganesh. Sunaina shares her love story when she is in her intermediate, how she became successful. She says she wants love from everyone and keeps the rose with her. Deepthi misses her family and bursts into tears.

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