Bigg Boss gives the next order 25 bottles as a part of sugarcane task. The third order starts and the two teams start fighting for bottles and sugarcanes. The yellow team finishes 25 bottles first followed by the green team. Bhanu places the bottles in the storeroom. The yellow team scores 2 points and the green team scores 1 point.



Bigg Boss announces that the first part of the task is completed. Day 17 begins with Pantham Needha Naadha song. The two teams discuss a strategy for today’s game. The next task of the day is Bigg Boss sends money to the owners of two teams. They could use the money to pay wages to the workers based on their performance. If the workers feel the wages being paid is less, they can convince the owner and get paid more. If the other team owner pays more, they can work for them. The worker who has more money by the end of the task will be the winner of the task.



The two teams start planning their strategies. Bigg Boss announces the second stage of the task. The first order is 100 sugarcane bottles. The tasks start, Tanish blocks Roll Rida completely. The green team collects all the sugarcane in a basket and takes at a time. Ganesh acts to join the other team, but Kaushal team finds their smart play. Babu Gogineni tells that there are openings in their company available. Babu Gogineni gives the workers Rs.5000/- each for that day. Bhanu places the bottles in the storeroom.


The yellow team fills 84 bottles and green team fills 72 bottles. No team fills 100 bottles. Babu Gogineni tries to pull Roll Rida offering him 25k. Tanish offers 20k to Tejaswi to work for their team the whole team. Tejaswi accepts the offer and moves to the other team. This is the plan of the yellow team. She tells the team to give her one lakh to come back so that they will have more money.



The second order is to complete 75 bottles. The two teams finish the second order. The green team sends 75 bottles and yellow team sends 77 bottles. As both teams finish the task, the scores of the yellow team are 3 and green team is 2. Bigg Boss announces the completion of the task. Bhanu has 31k, Tejaswi has 71k and Ganesh has 55k. After paying the workers, Kaushal has 15k with him and Kireeti has 0. Tejaswi wins as the worker and Kaushal as the owner. Bigg Boss gives them both a special vote right.



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