Kireeti, Tanish, and Kaushal talk their differences out. Kireeti explains why he behaved in such a way to Kaushal to the housemates. Day 15 begins with a tremendous performance of the ladies for Chal Mohan Ranga title track. Deepthi, Geetha Madhuri, and Syamala discuss whom to nominate. Kaushal and Ganesh join the discussion.


Bigg Boss sends some hue cards to the housemates, in which there will be an adjective written and each housemate should tell who defines that. Bigg Boss announces that discussion of nominations is strictly prohibited, as few housemates are doing this the others have to suffer the consequences.


Bigg Boss starts the open nomination. Amit gets the tags placed in the storeroom. The housemates should nominate two contestants with reasons and put the tag in their necks. The housemates can’t nominate Amit as he is the captain and also Nandini as this is the first week for her in the house.


Nandini nominates Kireeti saying he seems two-faced and Bhanu as she is not hygienic. Kaushal nominates Kireeti saying he seems fake and rude, and Bhanu as she too seems rude during the tasks. Kireeti nominates Ganesh expecting him to play more actively, and Geetha Madhuri as she seems childish. Roll Rida nominates Ganesh as there is no much improvement so far, and Kireeti saying he lost his focus on the game.


Tejaswi nominates Ganesh saying his innocence doesn’t set Bigg Boss house, and Deepthi saying she gave fake assurance to Ganesh. Babu Gogineni nominates Deepthi Sunaina as she badmouths others who treated her as a child, and Ganesh as he can’t take the pressure in the Bigg Boss house. Samrat nominates Ganesh as he can’t be performing tougher tasks and Kireeti as the way he behaved very rude last week.


Tanish nominates Ganesh as he might lose his confidence in that environment, and Geetha Madhuri as he expects this would be his last nomination and the things between them get better. Syamala nominates Kireeti as he opposed Kaushal when she supported him, and Ganesh for the same reason as others. Deepthi Sunaina nominates Ganesh to show his talent, and Kireeti as she expects him to become cooler.


Geetha Madhuri nominates Kireeti and Tanish as they nominated her. Ganesh expresses his gratitude to everyone and nominates Tejaswi saying Deepthi never gave him fake assurance, and Kireeti as he won’t let him talk in any situation. Bhanu nominates Kaushal as he nominated for the same reason he nominated her, and Kireeti as she never felt his presence.


Deepthi nominates Bhanu as she always tells others are not playing the game as a game, and Tejaswi saying she never gave fake assurance to Ganesh. Amit nominates Ganesh as he is always feeling low, and Geetha Madhuri as he never established a connection so far with her. The final nominated contestants are Ganesh, Kireeti, Bhanu Shree, Geetha Madhuri, and Tejaswi. Bhanu Shree and Nandini Rai get into a conflict with each other. Amit deals this in a funny way and makes the house happy.




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