Nani makes the day 13 joyful with his performance for Next Enti song from MCA. Nani tells a small story. A king with seven sons pampers the last son as he is the youngest. Pride hits the youngest son head. He says this example considering Deepthi Sunaina.


Kireeti feels low because all the ladies support Kaushal. Amit being the new captain makes everyone hug the other who had issues so far. Kaushal tells Kireeti that the statement he made affects his family, which Kireeti makes fun of in front of Tanish and Sunaina.


Nani talks to the housemates on Nani TV. Nani gives a disclaimer saying Nani, the host of Bigg Boss is going to talk today but not their friend or actor Nani. He talks to Nandini first, she tells that the people she saw on the show and whom she is seeing in person are different.


He tells that her dog delivered puppies when she told him that she is missing her dog. Nandini gives a heart in the eye emoji to Deepthi. Later, Nani talks to Samrat. He tells he nominated Deepthi Sunaina as Nani says she got enormous votes last week which makes her a tough competitor.


Nani talks to Samrat about his captaincy and says he always relies on Tejaswi and Tanish in decision making. Samrat gives the cool dude emoji to Babu Gogineni. Nani tells Amit that he is doing a great job till now and wishes him all the best for the next few days of captaincy.

Amit gives vomit emoji to Roll Rida. Nani tells Geetha Madhuri that she did a great job being the minister in the task. When Nani asked her about Tanish she says even if he is a good guy, he is not good at anger management. She gives joker emoji to Roll Rida.


Nani asks Deepthi Sunaina if all the housemates are taking good care of her, she says yes and Nani plays a clip of Deepthi Sunaina talking ill about all the housemates. Nani says all the housemates treated her very good as she is small and she is very disappointing.


He confronts her for not telling everyone that Kaushal asked her sorry when all the housemates targetted him. He also tells the contestants not to treat her as a child anymore and share the tasks equally with her. Sunaina gives zip up emoji to Kaushal.


Nani asks Kaushal how did he feel when everything turns against him, Kaushal tells he lifted Sunaina as a part of the task. Nani announces Sunaina is safe from elimination. Nani praises Deepthi journalist for her performance in King’s task. He says Deepthi and Syamala are very good so far. Syamala gives drooling emoji to Amit as he drools in the sleep. Deepthi gives foodie emoji to Ganesh.

Nani tells he advised a lot to Sunaina and Samrat as he wants them to come out of the house with a good name. He says Tanish’s anger looks very bad and arrogant. He also asks him not to take sides with his friends. He says the other housemates feel Tejaswi, Samrat, and Tanish formed a group in the house, because of this no one in the house is sharing anything with these three. Tanish gives frustration emoji to Kaushal.


Nani motivates Ganesh to be more active in the house. Nani announces Babu Gogineni is safe from elimination. Ganesh gives demon emoji to Nutan. Nani promises Babu Gogineni that the Bigg Boss team would try their best to make the tasks safer. Babu Gogineni says he thinks Samrat is the best choice as the captain as Samrat can manage all the other housemates’ anger. Samrat gets emotional and hugs Babu Gogineni.

Babu Gogineni gives the crazy emoji to Tejaswi. Nani says Roll Rida’s Bigg Boss song is good. Roll Rida gives angry emoji to Tanish. Nani asks Bhanu why she has become so dull this week. She says everyone plays a safe game in the house. She gives confused emoji to Geetha Madhuri.

Nani plays a funny clip of Nutan dance. Nutan gives poking nose emoji to Kaushal. Nani asks Kaushal to talk, he bursts out saying how few people in the house targetted him and made an emotional torture during the captaincy task. He gets very emotional to which Nani agrees it is 100% correct. Kaushal gives punch emoji to Tanish.


Nani advises Tejaswi to change the tone of speech. She says the three of them are not a gang but others are treating them like that. She gives beep mouth emoji to herself.

Nani talks to Kireeti and says people gave him a name “GOPI – Godamedha Pilli” for his double gameplay. Nani plays a clip of Kireeti and asks him what does he mean by talking about range and status. He says Kireeti is in the safe zone this week just because he is not in the nomination list or else people would’ve eliminated him for the way he behaved with Kaushal when his hands are tied. Kireeti gives star eyes emoji to Babu Gogineni. Nani suggests everyone to use this stage to become a stronger person.



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