The day 11 begins with Chiranjeevi’s “Tellarindoi mama” song. As the King’s team will not be able to steal the key, the Princess team wins the task. Nutan Naidu and Deepthi are released from the jail. Kaushal tries to convince others to make him the captain of the house. Tejaswi argues with Bhanu and Geetha over silly matters.


Vennela Kishore and Srinivasa Reddy enter the house to promote their latest movie Jamalakidipamba. They both make fun of all the contestants based on their behavior in the show. Roll Rida sings a rap on Bigg Boss show. They send sweets to the housemates after they leave the house.


Later, Captain reads a note from Bigg Boss mentioning all the mistakes done by the housemates. The punishment is no housemate should talk till the next day. The contestants should protect the four candles put in the lawn throughout the night. If any candle goes down or any contestant talks, the captain should jump into the pool when buzzer buzzes. The housemates ask sorry to Bigg Boss for the mistakes committed so far.


On day 12 early hours, Bigg Boss announces that the task is completed. Day 12 begins with Raja Raja The Great song. Deepthi Sunaina talks about her game plan with Bhanu Shree. When Nandini Rai asks Deepthi Sunaina to keep her clothes rack closed as she gets asthma due to dust, Sunaina chooses a harsh tone to answer Nandini.


Geetha entertains the housemates with her song. Tejaswi talks about food wastage and asks everyone to eat in a limited amount. Kaushal suggests everyone eat on the dining table which leads to an argument between him and Samrat. Tejaswi slips her tongue and says hurting words to Kaushal, Nutan involves and suggests Samrat to not talk about family when Samrat asks everyone didn’t they teach you to clean the plates at home.


Nutan and Tanish have an ugly talk during this. Tejaswi gets the topic of Kaushal lifting Sunaina which again leads to a clash. Kaushal, Tanish, and Amit stand for captaincy. The task is to stand on a T-stand holding the ropes tied to it. Kireeti targets Kaushal and bad mouths him that his behavior with the ladies is bad. All the ladies support Kaushal in this matter.


Kaushal makes Kireeti apologize him for the statement he made during the task. The housemates make Kaushal drop the task. Amit becomes the new captain of the house.


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