Bigg Boss Tamil – Week 12 Eviction! #VivoBiggBoss

In Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil show – 11th week, audience polled their votes and finally, the elimination day is here.


Kamal Haasan played “Freeze & Release” game to announce the evicted contestant. While all the contestants were frozen, Kamal asked Harathi, Shakthi, and Julie to bring Suja Varunee out of the show along with them. Surprisingly, Suja Varunee was not evicted from the Bigg Boss Show but sent into a “Secret Room” where she has access to observe what the housemates are doing in the house and she can talk to Kamal as well. No contestant in the house knows about Suja Varunee’s stay in the secret room.


Also, Kamal brought a “Golden Box” which has a “Golden Ticket” to get into the final week with no nomination or eviction. A set of tasks will be given and the person who earns the highest number of points in this competition gets the “Golden Ticket”.

The nomination process is not yet done in the show, but the voting poll is already open online and the nominees for eviction are Harish Kalyan, Arav, Snehan and Vaiyyapuri. Check this link for the voting details of Bigg Boss Tamil Show.


You can vote and comment your opinion in the “Vote Here” section. This voting is to know the public opinion and not official.

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