Bigg Boss Tamil Week 11 Summary – Captaincy, Eviction Details, Freeze & Release Task And Award Distribution .. !


In Bigg Boss Tamil, a new way of electing the “Captain Of The House” was introduced this week. Housemates were asked to choose the contestants for captaincy, in which “Ganesh Venkatraman, Snehan and Vaiyapuri” were shortlisted. Harathi argued about the male contestants negligence towards the female contestants in giving opportunities to the housemates who were never elected as a captain.
Housemates were asked to give red and green stars to the contestants competing for the captaincy.
When red and green indicates the negatives and positives respectively, Vaiyapuri earned more green stars and was elected as the “Captain of the House” for the first time in the house.

Eviction Nominees:

Once the Housemates were done with their nominations, “Snehan, Suja Varunee, Ganesh Venkatraman and Harish Kalyan” were in the elimination list.
Ganesh has got an opportunity to save one person from the elimination list, which he has been postponing from three weeks. Bigg Boss announced that this is his last week to utilize the power of saving a contestant using which Ganesh saved Snehan(who nominated Ganesh for elimination this week). In turn, Snehan had to nominate any one of the contestants directly to the elimination, in which he chose Bindu Madhavi and she didn’t take it much seriously.

Freeze and Release Task:

In this task, the contestants should be frozen until they receive the command “Release” from Bigg Boss.
When Harathi was released, she got a task to pour dough on the head of one of the housemates. Harathi poured the dough on Julie’s head. Julie looked irked by this as she was wearing contact lens.
Bindu gets a task to dance crazily infront of the housemates, Harish has to scratch the slate with this fingernails, Shakthi had to throw the clothes into the pool. When Vaiyapuri violated the rule to stand frozen when he got to know that his wife and children are in the Bigg Boss House. As a punishment, he was pushed into the pool by his family members.

Awards Distribution:

Suja Varunee received “Drama Queen” award from Julie. She looked very aggressive and stated “She is very happy to receive the award from the actual Drama Queen”. Later over the dinner, she said ” I might be very bold and straightforward in the TV interviews which you people would have seen. That is the place where I sit as an actress and I should be strong. But, I considered Bigg Boss House as my house. I need not behave the same here. You have never witnessed me at my home. This is who I am. If you want to start me acting, I can start it right now.” For this, Harathi stated ” I have seen your interviews in the TV and assumed in different. After seeing you now, my view has changed. Oviya will never try to address her critics. Oviya never justifies her character. But, you are doing that. So< I believe that you are not acting”.

Snehan received the “Cunning” award from Shakthi. Snehan was so sad the entire day when Shakthi confronted Snehan saying he hurts people with his deeds. Shakthi also stated, “Snehan behaves like everyone else in the show but when Kamal Hassan comes, listening to the people claps he transforms immediately as a different person”. Snehan said “He never played cunning in this show. He never hurt anyone intentionally and he has no guilt for anything he did so far. Shakthi didn’t seem convinced by Snehan’s explanation.
Snehan also tried to convince Julie when she pointed out his mistakes. Julie was not convinced and told Harathi that “Snehan is not learning from his mistakes and he is not ready to accept that”

Ganesh received “Selfish” award which he accepted very sportively, Bindu received “Mandam(lazy)” award and Vaiyapuri received “Alu Moonju(CryBaby)” for which he said he will be smiling from now on.

Let’s wait till this Saturday to see who faced the wrath of elimination from Bigg Boss Tamil..!!

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