The nomination process starts on day 43 evening. Sendrayan and Yashika can’t be nominated as they are the best performers of the previous task. Aishwarya can’t be nominated as she is the captain of the house.



Mahat nominates Mumtaz and Mahat, Mumtaz nominates Mahat and Janani Iyer, Janani nominates Mumtaz and Shariq, Daniel nominates Riythvika and Ponnambalam, Riythvika nominates Bhalajie and Mahat, Ponnambalam nominates Mahat and Mumtaz, and Sendrayan nominates Mumtaz and Ponnambalam.


Bhalajie asks Bigg Boss to call him to the confession room before nominating. Bigg Boss tells Bhalajie he can come into the confession room after nominating. He refuses to nominate, Bigg Boss warns him that this is the house rule. Bhalajie finally nominates Ponnambalam and Shariq.


Yashika gets into a critical health condition and Bigg Boss asks her to come to the confession room. Mahat cries over the issue with Bhalajie. Aishwarya nominates Ponnambalam and Riythvika. The final nominated contestants are Ponnambalam, Mumtaz, Mahat, Riythvika, Bhalajie, and Shariq.


Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 day 44 starts with Sendrayan birthday celebrations. Bigg Boss sends a cake for him. Ponnambalam says he will not eat the food made by Mumtaz. Day 44 is the most controversial episode of the season 2.



A dictatorship task “Rani, Maharai” is going to start and Aishwarya is going to be the director, Janani as the counselor and Daniel is the security guard for Aishwarya.


Bhalajie, Ponnambalam, Shariq, and Riythvika makes fun of Aishwarya which she watches on the plasma TV and decides to get a revenge on them. Rani asks the housemates to assemble in the lawn area, Bhalajie refuses to be a part of this game. Rani orders the security to throw the trash on Bhalajie, but they do not do it.


Rani imposes five rules in the house. Rule no.1 is the housemates shouldn’t sit together and comment on others nor smile sarcastically. Rule no.2 is to sleep as soon as the lights turn off. Rule no.3 is to wake up once the bell rings and Mumtaz cooks for the Rani and the helpers, Sendrayan cooks for the other housemates including Mumtaz. Rule no.4 is to never make eye contact while talking to the queen and never touch the Rani’s poster placed in the house. Rule no.5 will be instant based on the situation. Every day two drills happen and no housemate should fail attending it, also sing a song praising Rani twice a day.



Aishwarya orders Shariq to throw trash on Bhalajie, when he denies to do it she throws the trash herself on Bhalajie. She orders Daniel and Mahat to throw all Shariq’s clothes and Riythvika’s things in the pool. Mumtaz cries over the insult happened to Bhalajie and requests him to allow her to clean the trash which he rejects her help.




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