Day 12 starts with Dangamari song. The fire between Bhalajie and Nithya keeps growing and Nithya gets very emotional. Mahat speaks ill about Vaishnavi thinking she is being two-faced. Finally, the luxury budget task comes to an end and the ladies masters team says Ananth Vaidyanathan is the least performer and Riythvika is the best master.


Bigg Boss announces the male team as the winners and gives 1600 points to them and only 200 points to the ladies team. The male team gets to chose the luxury budget items. The housemates try to play a prank with Mumtaz and start fighting among each other. As Daniel laughs and Mumtaz doesn’t believe, their prank fails. Bigg Boss asks the housemates to talk about who is selfish among males or females. The two teams talk about each other. Mahat announces the female team as the winners.

Kamal starts the show by answering a few questions from the audience. The audience asks a few questions regarding the show, Kamal’s career etc. The housemates put their handprints using Nippon paint which will be given when they leave the show. Mumtaz fires on Sendrayan for spilling pickle on her dress, later both apologize to each other.


Kamal asks each housemate to say who is being fake in the house. The most of the housemates say Vaishnavi and Mamathi. Mahat tells Kamal about Vaishnavi being two-faced in the house. Kamal asks Mumtaz if she is showing her star status in the house, which she denies and explains her situation for asking Bigg Boss to open the restroom door.


Kamal tells her she broke a law by removing the mic. He asks her to remove the mic and go aside. Bigg Bos asks Mumtaz to sit in the garden area till the next announcement. Kamal asks the male contestants the reason for choosing Nithya as the least performer. He plays a video clip of the guys deciding Mumtaz and Mamathi names, but announcing Nithya’s name.


Kamal advises Bhalajie to not to use abusive language and try to live as a co-contestant in the house. He tells both Nithya and Bhalajie that along with crores of the audience, their daughter is also watching them on the show. Bhalajie tells that it has been eight months since he has seen her daughter.



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