Day 10 begins with Aadharu Aadharu song. Mumtaz asks Bigg Boss team to open the restroom door to drape the saree, but none responds. She refuses to wear mike for a while and waits for a response. Since the luxury budget might affect, she drapes saree in the ladies bedroom and gets ready to perform the task. The gents team takes this as an advantage and tries to impose a punishment on Mumtaz for wasting the time.


Mahat gives an idea of cleaning the pool for 2 hours standing in the sun and Shariq tells this to Mumtaz. She rejects this saying this is going overboard and she washed all the others’ clothes yesterday as a part of the task and that can’t go in vain by not performing a single task.


Sendrayan asks Mamati to not to talk the entire day, if she talks by mistake she should stand in the sun for half an hour. When Vaishnavi tries to explain the difference between slavery and servant, Daniel denies her point saying the ladies team didn’t follow many things asked by the male team.



Aishwarya declares that she is feeding Shariq with her will as it is a part of a task. Yashika and Aishwarya tell they are ready to clean the pool. Bigg Boss sends a note explaining the reason for not opening the restroom and to always wear the mike. Nithya and Vaishnavi argue in the kitchen. Vaishanvi asks Bhalajie to talk to Nithya about this, Nithya denies what he says.


The slaves’ team has to entertain the masters’ team with their performances. Ramya and Aishwarya sing a song, Mumtaz and Nithya dances, Aishwarya and Yashika dances to a peppy number, Yashika and Riythvika dances, Mamati sings few songs, Vaishnavi and Aishwarya dances. Aishwarya wins a prize for singing and Mumtaz and Nithya for dancing.


Bhalajie and Nithya involve in a fight for some personal issues. Day 11 begins with Baby I Love You song. Bigg Boss asks the masters team to announce the slave who has not done the task perfectly. They tell Nithya’s name as per Bhalajie’s suggestion. Nithya explains that she can work only if the master gives the task. They tell Daniel is the best master.


Bigg Boss sends a note which reads that the task is swapped among the ladies and gents team. Nithya makes Bhalajie work for her, Bhalajie keeps murmuring throughout the task. Aishwarya and Shariq flirt with each other. The fire between Bhalajie and Nithya keeps growing. As Bhalajie keeps using abusive language, Nithya asks him to not talk the entire day as a punishment. Bhalajie argues on this.


Bigg Boss asks the slaves team to entertain masters team. Daniel and Bhalajiehosts the show. Ponnambalam dances for Ootha Sollala song, Sendrayan dances for Dandanaka song, Mahat performs for Where is the party song, Bhalajie enacts Ananth Vaidyanathan, Riythvika and Daniel enacts Mahat. Shariq and Mahat perform a dance. Ponnambalam and Sendrayan win the prizes. The masters’ team praises Ananth for his sportiveness.



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