Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Grand Finale Full Episode – Arav Winning Moment Video

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 – Grand Finale

On Saturday – September 30th night, the most awaited grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil was aired on Star Vijay at 8:30PM. The grand finale starts with a rocking dance performance by choreographer Sandy.


Kamal Haasan starts hosting the show thanking all the viewers. All the contestants except Namitha and Shree are in the Bigg Boss House for the grand finale. The top four final contestants feel very excited seeing the ex-contestants.




While the viewers are eager to watch Oviya meeting Arav, she just shares a friendly hug with him and move away.


Kamal once again talks to all the Bigg Boss contestants via plasma TV and asks them to share their opinion on BIGG BOSS TAMIL GRAND FINALE.  


When Kamal asks the ex-contestants to come on to the stage, Oviya gets an overwhelming response from the audience. Kamal welcomes Bharani on to the stage. Bharani tells the audience that the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia invites him to present PEOPLE’S FAVORITE AWARD but he chose to attend Bigg Boss Tamil finale.


Later, Oviya comes on to the stage and thanks all the viewers for the enormous love shown by them. She shook hands with the audience.


Kamal invites Producer Dil Raju and Director Shankar on to the stage. 


Kamal reveals that the number of votes polled for Bigg Boss Tamil Grand Finale is 76,76,53,065.



Bigg Boss Tamil show is premiered on 25th June, 2017 on Star Vijay. The show has gained a huge response from many parts of the world and also became the most watched reality TV show in Tamil. Kamal Haasan being the host is an added advantage to the show. He is called as “Aandavar” by the audience. Kamal never left a chance of talking about his political views in the show. Bigg Boss Tamil has been the best platform to share Kamal’s thoughts on his political entry. Kamal declared his political entry. He said he is entering the politics due to the love for his people but not because of the greed. Kamal also announced, “If you want me to act in the movies, I will happily do that and support the person whom you choose. I’m ready to accept your decision.” to the people of Tamil Nadu.


Julie, Suja Varunee and Gayathri dances to few peppy numbers.


Kamal sends Nisha Ganesh to bring Ganesh out of the house as he is the third runner up of the Bigg Boss Tamil.


Bigg Boss gives a task to Oviya to go into the house and bring out the second runner up. When everyone expects it to be Arav, Oviya brings Harish out of the house. Yes, Harish is the second runner up of Bigg Boss Tamil. Harish gives a peck to Kamal as soon as he comes on to the stage.


Bigg Boss plays a short video for Kamal Haasan. Bigg Boss tells his last words in the house to Arav and Snehan and bids them farewell. Arav and Snehan breaks into tears and expresses how much they will miss the Bigg Boss House. 


Kamal Haasan enters the Bigg Boss House to bring the last two top contestants on to the stage. They are brought on to the stage with a huge applause with the music being played, people dancing around, shaking hands with them and a person kisses Snehan on his way to the stage. This is the most astonishing ad heroic welcome.



When Kamal was about to announce the winner, majority of the audience shouts Snehan’s name. Kamal says even if the audience shouts the name of their favorite contestant he could hand over the title and the prize money only to the person who has got majority number of votes. 




Kamal hands over the BIGG BOSS TAMIL GRAND FINALE SEASON 1 TITLE to the winner – It is none other than ARAV. Arav is announced the winner of the show. When Arav is announced the winner of the show, Oviya claps with all the happiness. 






The show gets more peppy when Kamal starts dancing to his famous song ANNATHAE AADURAR.


The Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 ends with Kamal turning off the lights of the Bigg Boss House.


If Kamal is into the politics, who will host the Bigg Boss Tamil show ? Let’s wait for the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. 


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