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Final Week Of Eviction Is Here!
Watch Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show – September 25, 2017, Bigg Boss Tamil Latest Promo Video 1. In Bigg Boss Tamil show, this is the last week for eviction. The participants who are saved in this week are the finalists to the Tamil Bigg Boss Season 1 Grand Finale. After winning the golden ticket to the finale, Snehan is already out of eviction process.

Snehan being the top scorer is given an opportunity to share his points and save one contestant from Suja Varunee or Ganesh Venkatraman. Deliberating all the 90 days journey with Ganesh, Snehan saves him from eviction.The wildcard entrant Suja Varunee, who has not received good response from the audience is evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil.

Suja Varunee explains herself as she never faked her character in the Bigg Boss House, she always tried to be herself and she just acted as per the circumstances. She also stated that Arav and Snehan has the highest possibility of winning THE BIGG BOSS TITLE.

Kamal Haasan revealed that there will be a mid-week elimination, so only four contestants will make it to the finale. He also suggested to the users to be true to their conscience and vote to the contestants who really deserve to be the Bigg Boss Title Winner.

Later, each contestant explained why is he/she a deserved contestant to win the show. Snehan says “I’m not playing this task to myself”. He says, he is playing the game for the welfare of many youngsters in his village and he would like to construct a library to help them. He also stated, he would announce the library opening date if he wins the Bigg Boss Title. Arav, Harish, Ganesh and Bindu says they have put their best in this game and asks the audience to vote for the deserved candidate.

In Bigg Boss Tamil Latest Promo of September 25, Actress Anjali is in the Bigg Boss House. Many rumors were spread that Tapsee is in the show. Few even said Bigg Boss fame Oviya is in the show.But it is revealed to be Anjali. 

Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show – Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting – After this week eviction is announced, Bigg Boss Tamil voting will be not to save your favorite contestant. It’s time for you to vote for the most deserved “Bigg Boss Tamil Winner”. Vote for your favorite deserving contestant to make him/her the Bigg Boss Title Winner. 

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