BIGG BOSS | PROMO VIDEO | SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 | #VIVOBIGGBOSS பொறுத்திருந்து பார்ப்போம்[email protected]_INDIA #BIGGBOSSTAMIL

Final Week Of Eviction Is Here!

Watch Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil Show – September 24, 2017, Bigg Boss Tamil Latest Promo Video 1. In Bigg Boss Tamil show, this is the last week for eviction. The participants who are saved in this week are the finalists to the Tamil Bigg Boss Season 1 Grand Finale. After winning the golden ticket to the finale, Snehan is already out of eviction process.

In latest Bigg Boss Tamil promo, Kamal Haasan announces Snehan has a special power to save one contestant from the elimination after announcing few contestants who are in safe zone. Whom will Snehan save using the special power given by the Bigg Boss? Will he save a contestant based on the earlier issues he had with them or on the competency of the contestant? If Snehan gets a chance to save one among Suja Varunee or Ganesh Venkatraman, whom will he save? Ganesh once saved Snehan from eviction. Will Snehan take this as an opportunity to show his gratitude to Ganesh? We should wait till tonight’s Bigg Boss Tamil show to know the eviction details.

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